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Hey all, just registered...

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Like the subject says, I just registered and wanted to say hi to everyone.

I was told that this is the board to check for cool meets & off-road driving events in the SoCal area. That "other board" is alright when it comes to gaining knowledge about my car (forgive me I'm one of those :devil: WRX:devil: driving bitches) but people don't have fun over there, so I say f-ck that. I want to drive & have a good time. Based on the few minutes I've already spent browsing the board, this is the place to be.

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Hey...! Sean! here is your referral PAL>>>
Oh!! Yeahhh! Hey Paul!! welcome to the Board!!!!!
I don't want you to fell left out either......
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[email protected] SUBARU said:
Whores, What Whores?!?
I think he is referring to the ones on the Street:biggest:
Nahw! more like this one!
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HEY!!! how come your Decel Noise Link is A Bogus one?:rolleyes: that's false advertisment!!!!!!!
That monkey has 5 ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!
HEY!! I guess all that money I spent trying to get an education Paid OFF!!!! (i'll be worried if it didn't!!)
Hey so! where is this Thread Originator!? GUY!!!
Where do you get all of this...?
funny stuff!:p
Welcome Aboard man!!!!!! hey the things that you do to make that....Mone....!:biggest:
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