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I have a 1993 impreza with a 2006 jdm avacs engine and corresponding ecu, car is on a stock tune with a walbro 255 fuel pump and aftermarket downpipe.

On a cold start up the car high idles at 2000 rpm with high with 14-low to 15 afr's.(14.7-15.3)
once coolant temp got 1/4 of the way up to temp the car suddenly went extremely lean (26+) until the car stumbled to maintain idle. Once throttle was applied car would rev as it should but still very lean.

Upon pulling the car back into a heated garage air fuel and idle semi resumed normal. (1500 rpm 15.3 afr) At that point I pulled it back outside and the lean condition re emerged but the car maintained the high idle with very lean afr's. (22+) Blipping the throttle the afrs changed towards happier numbers as expected but the idle still maintained the lean afr's

Thoughts or input would be appreciated, the afr's are being read off the recently replaced factory wideband and an aem stand alone gauge. Both gauges are reading the same.

Data logs can also be provided
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