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I,m bored, so I thought I would post over here!!!!:sunny:


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Hey Sean! Say Hi to Brett for me. I bought a swaybar from him & love it! :biggest:

BTW - What's up with Renick being a Caddy dealer too? Caddy/Subie seem like an odd combination!
Odd combo.
The owner is into racing, he has won 8 SCCA sports car championships. He understands how good of a car the subaru is, so when he had the chance to buy o.c. subaru he jumped on it.

:nuetron: :nuetron:
Cool! Sounds similar to W. Houston Subaru here. Owner of a high-end body shop (Infiniti and BMW mostly) fell in love with the lil buggers & bought the franchise. Owns 7 or 8 of 'em now (Subies of all sorts!). Dunno if he's 100% owner of the Infiniti Dealer that he bought Subaru from though.
Howdy pardner! (official texas welcome)

Yeah, people are starting to see how good Subarus are! In Street Touring at Nationals, 2nd through like 9th place were all 2.5s! Viva la RS! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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