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hey guys, well im looking into buying a 2000 outback sport auto trans.
Now i want to swap over and the sti drive train, and ive done alot of research on that part so far, and not really looking for help on that yet. See im from new york and with the dumb pollution rules i want to know if by doing this swap i can still pass the emissions test. Im just a little unsure if it will work. since the car is a 2000 and the sti motor and computer would be newer so when i take it to the shop and have them inpect it, it will have to be able to get plugged into the computer for it to run the test. Does anyone have any experience with this? ive looked around and couldnt really find anything, maybe i didnt look hard enough.
Well any help would be awesome! considering i want to accomplish this swap this year, starting this spring and be done by fall. Always wanted
this year outback wagon but with tthat swap done.
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