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Hello? (echoes.....)

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Anyone here???
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Your Mom! :p

j/k again... :lol:
:boxer: :curse:
man, i just can't get over how cool these smilies are!:stinky:
And you were a doubter... :lol::stupid: :roflmao: :borg: :spin: :chomp: :hoppin: :bot:
nothing compares to the ghey dancing sheeps and kitties and.....
Yeah, we need to get a site up with all the smilies we can possibly find!
Ha ha!

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The proxy is currently unable to handle the request due to a (possibly) temporary error. Extended error information is:

Failed to forward the request to the web server at This may be due to a firewall configuration error or a DNS failure.

If this situation persists, please contact your firewall administrator.

made me look!:eek:
Twas a joke, but glad I could pull the wool!:p
Umm. I aware it was a joke. I wasn't born yesterday?:rolleyes:
I am forever indebted to you!:biggest:
That place is tha shit!!!

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This guy rocks! The little smiley that could...

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Still one of my all time favorites!
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1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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