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Heated Seats

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I saw something about the canada version RSs had an option for heated seats(that's what 2 of the little coin slots are for right next to the arm rest. What's the 3rd one for?)

Well my question is has anyone put heated seats in their RS and where can I get some for my car. does anyone sell a kit or something?

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The third one is for coins.

Must be cold out there in Cali.. :lol:
actually it's not really cold, but it would be nice to have on those cold mornings, and cold nights

Contact 8complex, I think he can answer your questions, I saw a thread he started on the other club about it.
the 3rd coin holder is where the center diff controller torque controll goes on the Sti's and 22b I belive.

Anthony C

You could get custom leather seats with massage and heat. They sell the heaters aftermarket so they might work for you.
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