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Header bolts torque specs?

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Does anyone know how tight the bolts should be when installing Borla Headers on a 2000 RS?

Someone told me I have an exhaust leak that's causing me to lose a lot of HP, so I'm gonna go buy a torque wrench and get my baby fixed. Thanks in advance.
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make sure your headers aren't cracked like mine, look right by the stabilizer straps on the tubes...makes an exhaust leak.
It's all of ~20 ft-lbs of torque on those header bolts
Cool! Thanks for the info

but one more question... Where can I get the gaskets from? and for how much?

also... Do you think I'm losing a lot of HP with the leak?
get the gaskets from the dealership, or As for HP losses due to the leak, I dont think its anything huge....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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