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2000 2.5RS
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Welcome to my journey from patience, headaches to chills, cheers and joy!

My daily driver being a 2015 Subaru STI Launch Edition i had accumulated 60k in about 2 years and boy was that car a trip but that's another story to tell. I later on bought a 97 Civic Hatchback as a daily and after a year i decided to look around for a GC and here's the story..

As i am located in VA, i was in decision between a white GC located locally or a black GC in NY. The white GC was half the cost at 3k with misc aftermarket parts with 146k while the black GC at 6k stock with 90k.

As tempting as it was to take a trip to NY but with "Adulting" goals of getting a house soon, i ended up selling a beater civic and going local with the white GC with a whopping total of $1300.

Owner stated the motor was WRX swapped, he blew it and swapped with a stock 2.5rs engine. The car had idle issues and 100 CEL codes. This car came with a ton of surprises, it came with a fully loaded audio system but the dude decided to tear everything apart and dumped into the trunk. (Seriously?) Came with a fire extinguisher, "RS6" Front brakes (Still no idea) Headers and mid-pipe were held on by one bolt on each side but not even fully tightened and that sounded extremely loud and terrible.

Edit:Found that the RS6 sticker were just for

Got the car towed out of an air force base and boy was that a hassle. Attempted to do some troubleshooting to figure out the idle issue but had no idea where to start. Once we started digging deeper and analyzing his swap, we noticed missing bolts, nuts, hoses connected to incorrectly, some missing and all sorts of WTFs like no wonder he insisted on giving me the fire extinguisher.

As tempting as it was to go WRX/STI swap i ended up going with another 2.5rs engine that i know for a fact works, Thankfully we did the swap because all the shitty things i saw on how they "ghetto" installed..only one engine mount and wasn't even tight, brake lines weren't connected which then made sense when i was in the car rolling down the tow truck... slamming on the brakes but slid all the way till my bumper made out with the concrete to a stop.

After pulling the engine, we started tearing the interior apart and HOLY i don't know what this guy did but maybe dropped a bottle of cologne but GEEZE as soon as you opened the door it just slapped you in the face of stank. Anyway, after tearing down the dash to get to the dash harness we noticed that the harness was never touched to merge for a WRX swap as he claims. So no idea hoe he managed to do that but we noticed the engine harness on his motor was all kinds of cut and merged of some mess.

All in all it took about 3 months to get this bad girl running, coordinating with a friend and also the end of fall towards winter was just a bumpy road. I thought i was a patient person but after this first engine swap, there were so many times i regretted and wished to bite on the black GC in NY but after all the headaches, stress, pain and blood it feels to get it running decently knowing that i put work into it.

At this time I'm going to enjoy using regular gas, light autoX, daily drive and hoping to have her properly function till a house is secured. THEN I will be ready to drop an STI engine in but this is going to be a slow and steady build. 馃崒

--------------------------THE MOD LIST-------------------------


  • DNA UEL Headers (Amazon)
  • 2.25 Custom Midpipe
  • Stromung Axleback Dual Tip
  • 5% Sunstrip to ASA line
  • 35% Driver side tint
  • 20% tint all around
  • Amber Turn Signals
  • Amber Side Markers
  • Hella Horns
  • JDM Taillights
  • Retrofitted Mishimoto Bixenon Headlights
  • Rhino Roof Rack
  • WRX STI PU Front lip
  • WRX Front Seats
  • WRX Rear Seats
  • WRX Carpet
  • KYB AGX Struts
  • Eibach Springs
  • 06 WRX 4 Pot & Rotors
  • StopTech Slotted Front Rotors
  • Braided Front Brake Lines
  • Volks Racing CE28 17x7.5 +50
  • Muteki SR35
  • Riken Raptor ZR (Better summers later)
The Build


07-10/17 #2 146k/124k Exchanging her Soul
11/17 #12 Goodbye Rice LEDs, Hello Ambers
11/17 #13 Goodbye Stinky Seats, Hello WRX interior
11/17 #14 Goodbye Stockies, Hello New wheels

01/18 #15 Goodbye Windows, Flaccid White & Pinstripe
03/18 #22 Hit and Run but new LED Ambers
04/18 #16 p0440 p0446 EVAP BS
04/18 #23 149k/127k Driver Side 4pot Seized, new seals, Oil change
04/18 #29 149k/127k Goodbye front pads, hello brembo pads
05/18 #33 Goodbye OEM Tails, Hello JDM
05/18 #34 Hello WRX STI PU Lip
05/18 #43 150k/128k Hello Slotted Rotors
07/18 #XX 151K/129k Rear diff, trans, oil change

01/19 153k/131k Dropped off unicorn for thermostat replacement & Inspection
05/25 154k/132k Oil Change
06/06 154k/132k Replaced Thermostat, flushed coolant
06/07 154k/132k Still overheated

03/01 155K/133k Head gasket & bolts, throttle body gasket, coolant flush, oil change, valve cover bolts, 4/2 pot calipers, slotted rotors, pads



2000 2.5RS
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Exchanging her soul @146k

2017 July -- The owners photo for sale

Whatever these are

July-Her Arrival

Before the pull

Out the soul


New Exedy OEM clutch
Timing belt
AC Belt
Alternator Belt
Water pump
Spark Plugs
Fuel Filter

Another HEADerache

2017 -- October - She Lands

98L Wagon
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not when the cost is almost 5 times as much as the 1300 he spent. and with fixing everything, he's still in it for WAAAAAAAAAY less than the NY one.

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^those brakes look like Subaru 4 pots to me with an Audi sticker...somebody problaby searched for an "RS" sticker for the brakes on eBay. It's just the wrong RS... :lol:

2000 2.5RS
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not when the cost is almost 5 times as much as the 1300 he spent. and with fixing everything, he's still in it for WAAAAAAAAAY less than the NY one.
After the struggles 1300 vs 4300 was a lot better, the money i saved i was able to spend on the maintenance and a few aftermarket parts which was nice!

And it's a good looking car. :cool:

-Brakes are Audi Brembo's. just paint em red or black. and put a sticker on them. ;)
Thank you! I found that the "RS6" were Audi brakes but didn't see ANY thread of ANYONE doing that conversion lol. The guy also had European Tuning stickers all over the car so maybe it is? After comparing the STI Brembos and those it almost looks like he could've shaved down the hump and slapped the sticker on. I poked at the caliper and the paint literally came right off. hmm...Speaking of which today i found out my driver side front Brembo are about ready to seize. Welp

^those brakes look like Subaru 4 pots to me with an Audi sticker...somebody problaby searched for an "RS" sticker for the brakes on eBay. It's just the wrong RS... :lol:
I believe this might be true, after the experience with the car i dont trust anything the previous owner says. In which i texted him about a question and he just ghosted on me, unless he was deployed since he was in the air force. Shrug

2000 2.5RS
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11/18/17 Goodbye Rice LEDs, Hello Ambers

The turning signals were this ugly three bulb LED with a black housing. while thought of keeping the clear corners but when looking at how the bulb was installed, it was taped to the housing..Another surprise.
Decided to get new amber corner lights and the turning signals to match the side markers.
Before and After.

2000 2.5RS
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Nov 2017 Goodbye Stinky Seats, hello WRX interior

The car just smelt absolutely terrible, and when i was doing the swap i pulled the front and rear seats out to air them out for few months..and Geeze the smell just did not go away. Ended up trashing the rears (but as soon as i threw the dumpster I'm like shit i could've sold for cheap or hell just give it away. Though i did not want to climb in the dumpster.

Found a used set of WRX Front and Rear seats in pretty good condition, no tears or fade but slight dirty due to sitting in a shed. The trip going to pick these up was deep in the woods, while driving i didn't have cell service nor saw any gas station for miles..I'm thinking this would be the perfect setup for a kill, no one would ever find me lol...the owner had a 05 WRX with a full STI interior swap. At first he couldn't decide on selling it to me because he kept getting "fakes" so when he said no, i spent 5$ on a milkshake. While heading back home he texts me back changing his mind saying if i get there by the time he needs to leave he would sell. I felt bad but i actually forked up 5$ in quarters from my change cubby as i didn't have time to run to the store or bank or else i wouldn't of made it. He was a pretty nice guy, lives out in the middle of no where because they wanted land for his wife to ride. Pretty awesome.

A few later i found WRX carpet. The guy just wanted the front seats but had to buy the whole set from another owner. Funny because i believe i was looking at the same AD but thought the price was just too high. Hooked me up with a sweet deal on the carpet. Pretty cool guy as well, has a different car per track, rally and auto-x.

Anyone installing these front seats, front seats bolt right in but you have to interchange the seat belt buckle from the stock seats. I noticed that you have to cut a bit of the metal to bolt the buckle in fully and not awkwardly sitting.

Anyone installing the rear seats that they will not bolt in fully, either the top goes in or the bottom goes in but not both. I believe i hooked the high back into the slots but only one bolt on the bottom to hold it in. Then the butt cushion was bolted in by the two at the bottom. Also note that the back is higher then the stock RS seats so will have to either spray paint, tape, sticker bomb or something. Or else you will see the wood from the rear window.


2000 2.5RS
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Nov 2017 Goodbye Stockies, Hello Volks

With one of my stock wheels broken i ended up finding these CE28 in Sept in NY, did some research and saw that he was all over NASIOC and with a few itrader reviews i asked him if he would ship. He was very nice about helpful about fitment questions.
CE28 17x7.5 +50 Wrapped in Riken Raptors (Cheapest summer tire rack tire) but these actually grip REALLY well lol. I was inches away from Star Specs but at the time of purchase i wasn't sure what else i would have to buy to get the car running so i stayed low on budget.


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Jan 2018 Goodbye Windows, Flaccid White & Pinstripe

How much i forget to say i love amazon for its 2 day shipping!
Replaced the reverse lights and license plate lights and boy they are bright!

Finally the car runs decently and was bold enough to make it to the tint shop.
5% sun strip to the ASA line
35% driver side window
20% all around

Got myself the 3M Magic wheel from Amazon and that whipped off the pinstripe Easily, but still left the hard residue that just couldn't take it off.
Went to advance auto and Goo-gone was sold out @10$, i went to CVS and they stopped selling it, then i went to Target and got a big spray bottle for 4$!
Even after i let the Goo-Gone sit and soak, have yet to pry off the rest of the residue. Got some feedback to hit it with some heat and compound so once it warms up will probably do that. However the pictures, you cant really tell from afar. aha


2000 2.5RS
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April 2018 p0440 p0446 EVAP BS

Thread about the issue i posted

For weeks now i have been getting EVAP p0440 but continued to ignore it. Once we got the car running, after every fill up the car would take a few cranks before it fires up. Just about a few weeks ago the car felt like it lost power, felt like vtec and or boost lag..though i have no boost. Eventually the car started hesitating and bucking really bad. The car would have a tough time getting up to 2k even and the idle was just terrible.

So after replacing the purge solenoid located under the intake manifold towards the intake side (p0440) it fixed the rough idle (Fuel Short bank was running rich before hand).

Replaced the vent valve towards the rear passenger wheel (P0446), this dropped the fuel short bank to around 0 at idle but the long bank was then running really rich. I test drove it after the CEL cleared but then after a few pulls the P0446 comes back.

i still had the CEL then to find out that the wire was previously cut and poorly crimped that the wires broke loose. After sauntering it back together it then cleared the CEL.

i Seafoamed the car and idle started running really rough again and the short bank is now back at rich and long term at 0.

I then replaced the canister hearing that if it clogs then it could also cause an issue, but after that replacement it still had an issue with the idle.
The brackets holding the canister was so rusted that it ended up breaking off and we had to create a spacer by using a piece of wood, painted to keep its good condition due to its location. The wood spacer ended up working in replace of the rusted spacer.

I also swapped the gas cap as the seal was okay, slight small break but i don't think that was an issue.

After a few theories and some research we found that the seafoam MAYBE pushed all the gunk onto the o2 sensor and that could've caused the car to idle rough and hesitate at high RPMs. We then disconnected the O2 and the car ran similar to what it was before but just with a CEL. We replaced the pre-o2 and everything works!

Short bank still slight rich at ~16-18 but better then ~30 so i'm pretty satisfied. The car runs like normal now and in its happy place. BUT...after a week of troubleshooting and replacing parts, i haven't gotten a chance to fill the tank yet to see if the car takes a few cranks as it still has some gas.

2000 Sti Version6
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Removing stickers? hair dryer,WD-40, and an old credit card. ;)
then 2 step buff.

You can never trust a seller, unless it's a guy who's attention to detail you really admire. (ie:i'd buy a car off a James May,or Edd China type)

or the seller tells you it's a broken turd, and shows you a list of all it's known problems, and lets you poke around for more. -The A/C doesn't work? and the power steering is noisy? oh, the battery keeps going flat?
drop the price a bit and i'll take it off you. i need a car now.i'll have a guy look at it. :D

you did good man, got a pretty solid base, with superficial screw ups.
and your attitude towards the car tells me this is a build to watch.
keep up the good work.

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Great progress. Your build reminds me a lot of how mine started out. Mine was much more to the extreme of a beat down cheap car though lol. Keep it up man. Car looks much better with the rims and pinstripe removed.
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