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Happy Valentine's day to...

582 Views 13 Replies 8 Participants Last post by  b_tapper RS. I love my RS. I let my girlfriend drive it too so that
she won't be jealous of it :biggest:

Also on a side note, I went to my local Supermarket,
and peruse the magazine stand. Import tuner mag has the
3rd installment of their WRX build-up. The nice thing about having a car that isn't too popular is that you will not see a "r*ce" magazine doing a bunch of stories on it. Sorry for the language.
No offense intended.
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with the wrx out, there will be plenty of rice magazines covering it in the years to come.
can't wait to see alteza lights and glowing wiper washers
for the car.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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