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I am not a newbie to Subaru swaps, did a EG33 (TT'd) into an XT, ER27 into a Brat with a 12in lift, and a few exotics. So making harnesses, welding mounts, etc. I am good to go on. The end result I am after is to first recover the modest loss in performance from the taller tires, and probably improve a bit beyond that, whatever doesn't have me replacing trannys too often.

I have pretty much settled on the latest generation of H6, and with soccer moms smashing plenty of Tribecas and JDM importers the selection seems good. Not being a big fan of re-inventing the wheel I would love to get some feedback from those who have worked with the newer H6s. Engine management wise I am Ok with a stand alone or hacked OEM ECU but would kind of lean toward stand alone because I have intentions of doing a mild supercharger (5~7 PSI or so) at some point. I would like to go with the 3.6 over the 3.0 but need some more info to make an informed choice. I have sort of a laundry list of things I am hoping to get some facts on from those who have been there:

-Driveline; What's the trick for flywheel/clutch parts combo to mate to a 5spd manual. Stock EJ starter fits or is another needed? Motor mounts?

-ECU: As far as I have read the OEM ECU needs to be tricked into thinking it has an auto tranny and that has been done. I would be fine going stand alone for ease of wiring and tuning but it looks like the 3.6 has added VVT, is there an aftermarket ECU that supports VVT and plays well with the 3.6? That is key because it starts to answer other questions about TB, DBW, FI tuning etc.

-Sourcing: The usual suspects like LKQ and all are doing the usual cut and rip job and I would like to find something a bit more complete with AC, PS, exhaust headers, intake, and should I go OEM ECU, as much of the harness, ECU, etc. that I can get. Any good sellers that you have dealt with sourcing your H6?

Here is the patient for the transplant:


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