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H&R spring myth has been solved

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Well it's actually not a myth. The H&R springs really do lower your car 1.8in. But they only do this when you use the springs in combination with the STOCK struts. This is because the lowering of the car puts more stress on the strut than it was desinged to handle. This is the reason that I broke my left front sturt and then decided to replace with KYB AGX. However, with the KYB AGX you will only get a drop of about 1in. which is perfect! With the Stock struts the car rolled very hard in tight agressive handling moves and just didn't seem to hook up and on top of that I had to deal with scraping my exhuast on EVERYTHING. The only plus side was that the car look really cool and had the perfect stance with the STOCK rims.

Now with the AGX I get much better turn in hardly any body roll, I don't scrap anyore and the car feals much stiffer. Oh and by the way if you can stand the noise pick up the Cusco mounts otherwise get the STi but do anything to get ride of the stock ones.

I hope this helps

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BTW, If anyone wants to now how this setup works. This weekend I took first in the Nov. class racing everything from TWIN turbo RX-7's to WRX's. I beat them ALL. There were over 40 cars in my class alone. And I beat second place by 1.2 sec. I did it all in the corners with some smooth driving and good reactions and braking. But I know I couldn't have beat the field that bad without this setup.

How much did you pay for them, and where did you get them?
Well I got the KYB AGX from for 395 shipped Trust me, you can't beat that deal. And if you live on the east coast you should get it in about 7 days. It took 9 for me but I live in WA about 10 miles from the Canadian boarder.

They're very easy to install and are 4 way adjustable fron and 8 way in the rear.

The Springs I got DIRECTLY from the U.S. nattional distributor. the only reason I can do this is beacause It's located in my town and I race with the Head person who runs the joint. These are the guys that ship it to ALL of the other shops, stores, ect.

The price I payed for the I can't disclose but I could get them for probaly 250 shipped if 10 people wanted them otherwise there around 300 + shipping. AND it's a big box they come in.

Hope that helps

i got my H&R's through luke @ tire rack for $285.

i too was wondering when that extra 0.8" was going to settle in, but i'm glad to hear that it looks like i should be OK with aftermarket struts...which is good, because the stance is PERFECT. a couple degrees of negative camber up front, and the car turns in harder and quicker than i ever imagined possible, with NO understeer. :D

now i just need tire rack to send me the correct strut for the left rear so i can finish the back...

things should only get better from here. :biggest:

Do you have adjustible strut mounts???? (to get the neg. camber) friend that helped me put them on is a subaru tech, and adjusted it somehow. i'll ask him how it works when we finish the back.

one of the 2 large bolts that attatches the bottom of the strut to the rest of the suspension is supposedly affects the camber in some way. while i was working on something else i heard "hey, i'm going to adjust your camber." i thought this was strange, since from what i've heard everywhere, there's no way to adjust the camber from the factory. then i had a picture in my mind of my front tires looking like this / \ and protested. "well what's the point of doing this unless you're going to set it up to handle?" so i gave in, and to my delight, when we dropped it back down on the ground, there were a few degrees of negative camber barely visible...not the "hey jooo, i jus cut my springz yo" kind. ;)

i'm guessing it's one of those things that hasn't been mentioned anywhere, since A) not too many people have access to a lift and B) know how it has to be specifically adjusted so they aren't jacking their car up and taking the suspension apart 50 times to mess with the bolt. adjusting a top mounted camber plate is much easier i suspect. :) like i said, i'll try and find out.
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Sorry should have posted clearer. What I should have asked is do your wheels look like / \. And if they did I was just wondering what plate you were using. But now that I know your not using a plate I know the most camber you can get is { }. I did know about the LIMITED adjustments that can be made but for me it just wasn't enough. I've gained atleast 1/2 a sec. on 30 sec courses with my new plate. JFYI

Next time I'll try to be clearer

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