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h&r the drop 1.5 or 2 in

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i kno this is an over beaten topic about wheel well gap...i would like to kno what the real world drop on the h&r's are..i've seem many websites tellin me that is a 1.5 in drop (after breaking in)..others say 1.8 for the front and 1.5 for the back..people have posted 2inches all around if not more..i plan to run with agx's (b/c im cheap like that :biggest: ) ..but i don't want to void the 1.5 in max spring height warranty on the kyb's..i did look into 5zigens but i keep getting mixed feelings...kastle is apparantly running 5zigen/agx's on his car and it seems to handle better..even the cap..north urslela...i do get hassled by some guys claiming their too soft and only intended for stock struts. i would like some real world advice..people who actually are riding on both. :stinky: whoops hehe

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we just installed mine on saturday, except i substituted GR2's, since KYB doesn't make AGX's that fit the rear of my car.

i too was a little worried about the 1.8~2.0 drop (plus the additional settling)...i don't have the exact measurement, and i highly doubt it dropped that much, but it's PERFECT. :D

now i just need to wait for my left rear strut to get here to finish the job, since tire rack sent me 2 right rears... :curse: now it looks like i should have big mickey thompsons on the back, since the rear still sits slightly higher. :lol: yeehaw.

the ride quality is a little weird right now with the stiff front and 106,000mi jello-like rear, but driving over to a friend's house on a chopped up brick road, it wasn't harsh.

turn in is now telepathic and razor sharp...but then i have to wait for the back to catch up. ;) i also managed to stall in traffic on the way to work this morning, since the front actually has more simply easing the clutch out to get moving, since the front tires actually want to stick now. it should be interesting to see if i can also improve on my ET...i didn't realize the fronts were THAT bad.

by the way, what's the expected lifespan of a KYB gas strut?
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