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h&r the drop 1.5 or 2 in

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i kno this is an over beaten topic about wheel well gap...i would like to kno what the real world drop on the h&r's are..i've seem many websites tellin me that is a 1.5 in drop (after breaking in)..others say 1.8 for the front and 1.5 for the back..people have posted 2inches all around if not more..i plan to run with agx's (b/c im cheap like that :biggest: ) ..but i don't want to void the 1.5 in max spring height warranty on the kyb's..i did look into 5zigens but i keep getting mixed feelings...kastle is apparantly running 5zigen/agx's on his car and it seems to handle better..even the cap..north urslela...i do get hassled by some guys claiming their too soft and only intended for stock struts. i would like some real world advice..people who actually are riding on both. :stinky: whoops hehe

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I've seen H&R's freshly installed on AGX's and they have appeared to run just a hair over 1.5". If you want to play it safe, consider the Eibachs, they only lower about an inch. Dont waste your time with the Tein's. I have the Tein soft springs with version 5 struts and HATE them! Opie, used to run Agx's with the Tein's and just replaced them with the Eibachs.
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