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Most recent pictures

TAILORED // DAAR's WRX Swapped RS by David Arellano, on Flickr

TAILORED // DAAR's WRX Swapped RS by David Arellano, on Flickr

TAILORED // DAAR's WRX Swapped RS by David Arellano, on Flickr

DA\AR's Subaru \\ WRX Swapped RS by DA\AR Photography, on Flickr


  • 2004 WRX EJ205 motor swap
  • K&N Typhoon intake
  • STI VF39 Turbo
  • STI 565CC injectors
  • No-name One-piece headers/upipe
  • Invidia Bellmouth Downpipe
  • Grimmspeed donut gasket adapter
  • Cobb catback exhaust
  • Hallman Pro Manual Boost Controller
  • Open source tune by Cleverley Tuned
  • Produces 286whp 240wtq at 18psi

  • 2006 WRX 5 speed
  • Internal axle stub conversion (Rigged Performance)
  • 2001 2.5RS 4.11fd conversion (Rigged Performance)
  • 2001 2.5RS VLSD rear differential
  • Exedy lightweight Flywheel
  • Exedy stage 1 clutch kit
  • STI group N transmission mount
  • Kartboy shifter bushings
  • Stainless clutch cable
  • Laile Beatrush Rear Differential Brace

  • BC BR Coilovers with rear camber plates
  • Coilovers slotted for max of ~9 degrees of camber
  • OEM front camber bolts
  • Eibach rear camber bolts
  • WRX front swaybar
  • STI rear swaybar
  • Cobb rear endlinks
  • Greddy front strut tower bar
  • Cusco rear lower subframe brace

Summer setup
  • Manufacturer: Desmond/Longchamp
  • Model: XR3
  • Size: 17x9 +15 (+/-0 with adapters)
  • Color: Silver w/machined lips
  • KICS Kyokugen lugs (Chrome)
  • KICS Dency 2000 Locking Lugs
  • ISC 15mm hub adapters (5x100 > 5x114)
  • Tires:
  • Achilles
  • ATR Sport
  • 205/40R17

Other wheels
  • Manufacturer: Impul Hoshino
  • Model: RS
  • Size: 17x9.5 +45
  • Color: Silver w/ machined lips

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Size: 17x9 +35
  • Color: Silver

Winter setup
  • Stock RS 6 spokes
  • 16x7
  • Offset +53
  • Silver
  • Wrapped in:
  • Blizzak rubber things

  • 2004 WRX brake conversion
  • 2006 WRX 4/2 pots (pending refinishing & installation)
  • OEM pads
  • OEM rotors
  • Stainless brake lines

  • Orciari 1 piece lip
  • JDM STI V5/6 grille
  • JDM V5/6 rear bumper + spats
  • JDM Chargespeed clear bumper markers
  • JDM Chargespeed clear signal lenses
  • JDM Subaru clear corner markers
  • JDM Subaru clear/red tail lights
  • DIY Honda Accord spats
  • OEM Fog light covers
  • OEM STI rear diffuser
  • OEM Fog lights (yellow vinyl film)
  • Rallytech rear tow hook (purple)
  • Rolled/pulled fenders

  • WRX steering column conversion
  • STI black floormats
  • JDM STI Type-RA Limited front seats
  • JDM STI pedal set
  • WRX black carpet
  • Re-covered door panels in blue suede
  • Zealous Interiors blue suede shift boot w/cherry blossom red stitching
  • Zealous Interiors blue suede e-brake boot w/cherry blossom red stitching
  • Splash Seering wheel hub kit
  • Nardi Torino JDM leather steering wheel
  • Nardi Prestige JDM leather shift knob
  • Beatrush Duracon Shift Knob
  • OMORI boost gauge
  • Alpine deck W/ ipod direct cable through to center console
  • White LED map/dome lighting
  • White LED HVAC lighting
  • White LED cluster conversion

  • STI brake booster
  • Tein hood dampers
  • Beatrush alternator shroud
  • Rallytech radiator shroud
  • Rallytech fuse box cover
  • Cusco turbo heat shield
  • Jegs billet aluminum in-line fuel filter
  • AC delete
  • Semi wire-tuck
  • Re-located battery
  • JDM in-fender coolant overflow reservoir
  • IMIR Design black vinyl sticker (rear windshield)


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T a b l e | o f | c o n t e n t s


Current status and mod list
How I got the car

The first day of ownership
First modifications!
RS Interior swap
First engine upgrades
Interior upgrades. Now with more STI!
The relapse to Subaru Rumble (UEL)
Putting down numbers! And measuring them! Tune
True RS form // Rep grille? To be or not to be
LED upgrades, I got em
Foglight yellow film/OEM brackets
Foglights/brackets installation
JDM Gary = JDM goodies!

Volk CE28N's acquired!
Volk test fit pictures!
Bugeye 3-piece lip
Zealous Interiors e-brake boot install
New parts! Nuts, JDM hub
The search for control, coilovers!
All deez goodies! Volks, coils, lugs installation
Exterior style, (lip, spats, grille)
Spats, grille, painting!
3-piece lip modification
Rep grille test fit
Nardi steering wheel install
More 3-piece lip trimming. A/C Delete
Exhaust decisions! Open downpipe?
JDM STI Pedals
A VF39 for me? And more low
Omori boost gauge
Emissions testing? No cat?
Project Mu reservoir cover
Injectors, Rallytech tow hook, coolant reservoir

Transmissioin seized? Why?
JDM STI Grille! A good among the bad
Assessing damage/removing driveline
An opportunity to upgrade
BRZ? Mod it!
Clutch kit installation
FIXED! ...right?
Broken... AGAIN!
The intermediate hooptie
A good transmission??
Pulling driveline, Take 2. Damage!?
Driveline progress. Engine bay cleanup (JEGS filter)
Car pickup, Transmission install
First day back on a good transmission!
Technical difficulties
Underbody damage!? How?
More progress, finding more damage
Underbody damage, pickup

HID kit/install
SSR test fit
JDM coolant reservoir/Cusco heat shield
18's? Hella flush?
Needs moar low
Custom roll
Yellow headlights?
Acquire ALL the parts
Custom coil sleeves
V5/6 rep lip installed!

08+ STI Intercooler (dimensions)
STI injectors
Parts list. Get em all
APS hard inlet
18" BBS test fit
TGV Delete kit
STI oil pan kit/EL header
Parts pile
APS TGV housings
Hallman Pro Boost Controller
Perrin fuel rail kit
Super hella rare lip!
PnP'd VF39!
Wheels at last!
Oil change, rubbing assesment and wind deflector maybe?
Fender bender :(
Putting in work
She's back! And better than ever!
Beatrush Diff Brace
More photoshoot-ography
Low life problems (biting fenders)
Back to incandescent
OZ winter wheels
LED Cluster in the making
Work center caps
White LED cluster conversion
Low assessment, STI TMIC
Work VS-XX test fit
Accord DIY spats / Flat fuel door / Wing removal
Maintenace and Detail!
DIY Accord spats (Painted and installed!)
Winter mode testing
Winter mode! (complications)
Winter mode! (more complications)
Cusco Strut Bar

Spring/summer plans
Here come the parts!
STI Type RA seats and black carpet
Summer mode parts acquisition
Garage Photoshoot
Wing repainted!
JDM Pedals! (So shiny)
Damage Assesment
New wheels? 2-Piece? JDM?
Clean bay! Scrubbing bubbles appearance!
Metal bricks suck!!!
VF39! STI Injectors! Woot!
Tune and power graph!
Volk three-spoke wheel project!
Re-tune! Moar boost!
Grapple adapters!
08 STI TMIC mini project
Head return gasket swap and potholes!!!
Adapter swap
Mini winter transition // Diff maintenance!
Low life struggle

Leaky fuel line fix!
Leaky boot!? 5Zigen test fit!
New wheels! Impul RS
Impul research - Volk update
Impuls - Mystery wheels test fit!
Attempted oil change
Oil change! - RIP V-limited lip :(
Snapped axle!
Return of the Volks! 8 months later
Work Equips test fit
Back to summer mode!
Sold Volks! 06 WRX brakes! Cusco brace!
Car bogging? Fuel pump?
More Stance! Trimming studs - Slotting coilovers
Swapping tires to new wheels!
Dialing in fitment! STI Diffuser
Final Result! Axle problems?
Replacing front axles - Fixing exhaust leak!
More wheels! 5zigen fn01r
LED Reverse bulbs!
LED Conversion research
New Valvestems! Hit & Run??
FormFest and More!
New Tires!
Regamasters for sale! Off to the body shop
Time for an upgrade to moar JDM!
Body work progress
No longer fender fu*cked?

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How i got the car


So I one day (while eating a sandwhich) decided I wanted an awesome car. Don't we all have that day? The fateful day where we decide we'd rather spend all, or most of our money on a beautiful piece of engineering.

I had 3 main choices for what car I'd like to have. An RX7, a 300ZX and of course the obvious decision of a Subaru. All three cars are worlds apart when it comes to the motor. A RWD Rotary 2 seater RX7. A RWD V6 (TT) 2 seater 300ZX. And of course an AWD sedan or coupe NA or Turbo'd Boxer Subaru. I loved the boxer platform and the all wheel drive. However, I wanted something different than all the WRX's you see around. Being in a Snowy climate (Utah) Subaru's become rather popular. WRX's are everywhere! I wanted to stand out. And so, the 2.5rs seemed a formidable option


Sooo I began the search for a 2.5rs. Being moderately rare cars it was bound to be a bit of a timely process. The cars also being produced quite some time ago were sure to have a bit of wear and tear. I had looked locally in Utah for any sort of leads on a 2.5rs. Very few were promising (very high mileage, body damage, etc.). I started throwing around the options of purchasing an L or a brighton and doing my own build with any number of combinations. However, I kept searching.

RS #1
I came across a local ad of a person selling a BRP 2000 2.5rs with a WRX swap. The car was dumped on adjustable coils. Stretching the rubber on a set of white Drag DR-31's. WRX swap had around ~50k miles? FMIC and a few other misc. upgrades. All in all it was a pretty slick ride. A bit too stanced for my liking, but that can always be changed.

RS #2
I kept looking around locally. About a week after finding the BRP 2.5rs I came across a gem. This gem was a completely immaculate 2.5rs that was rebuilt from the ground up without compromise. I could go on and on about this car and how I loved every single thing about it. But I'll just let you read the member journal for the car. Sometimes better known as "Dans old car". Wish it could've been "David's new car".

Beautiful 2.5RS


I basically ran to the bank to try and get the loan I needed. I'd had about $3,000 saved up specifically for a car. With this car costing only $10,500 after getting rid of all the spare parts, it was a steal. However... the bank would only value the car at a max of $6,500. $6,500 + $3,000 = $9,500. The bank would not give me the loan for any higher. I was $1k short, and with the addition of taxes, registration, insurance, etc. I was stuck.

I was working with my father to get the loan. He kept telling me day after day that I'll always find another one, he didn't want me to have a nice car. My father also failed to realize the rarity and the amount of work that had been put in to this car. In the end I didn't have the money and he ended up selling and shipping it somebody near the east coast.


RS #3
Now, shortly after my dissapointment I gave up for a while. Saved up some more money and began another search. I had contacted both of the sellers of the aformentioned cars. I was loooking for any tips or hints towards an RS. I spoke with the seller of the first RS. He had his swap done by a shop under the name of Sleepysubies. I got their number and called immediately.

They informed me that they were currently in the process of building a WRX swapped 2.5RS. This was exactly what I was looking for. I got as many details as I could about the build and informed them that I was interested. Not too long after contacting them I headed up to Sleepysubies' shop to check out the progress. The motor wasn't in, the bumpers were un-painted, and the car was pretty much in pieces. I was overwhelmed by the amount of work that had to go in to the vehicle. I was in no rush, they informed me they could have ther car done within about a month.

1 month later... I had been keeping constant contact and frequently visiting to check the progress of the car. It was finally complete.


I had finally saved up another $2k or so throughout the period of time they were building the car. All the while I had been looking at alternatives. Throughout the time I had still not been able to locate anything remotely close to what I wanted. So now that I had the money for the car, how much did it cost? We had previously spoken about a price on the WRX swapped RS. We agreed upon $10k for it. Loan was approved for $6,500 and I put down the remainder in cash. I had no credit what so ever yet I qualified solely due to a high balance in my account at all times. This is my first car I have ever purchased, also with no help from anybody else. Now it is mine! :clap: And so the car was officially signed over to me on April 16th 2011! The odometer reading 170,472 miles on it

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First day i got the car

At Sleepysubies before driving it down to my house.

Finally home! (not me in the picture, just my goofy buddy)

The Glorious 2004 WRX 2.0L swap done beautifully by Sleepysubies

Battery relocate (old location)

Battery relocate (new location, bolted in to the trunk)

My beautiful STI seats

The slight bit of damage on the vehicle. (looks like somebody backing out of a spot scraped it)

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JDM lighting

My first goal with the car was to get rid of all the hideous USDM orange lighting. With that goal set I scavanged for the JDM clears!

Ooooh a package! (also picked up some Tein hood dampers)

Bumper markers: Before

Bumper markers: After

Signal Lenses: Before

Signal Lenses: After

Corner markers: Before

Corner markers: After (mmmmm JDM clear goodness)

Tails: Before

Tails: After

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RS Interior

My next step was to clean up the interior and reflect the good looks on the outside. My first challenge was getting rid of that hideous two tone L plastic. With a slim amount of RS's around it was bound to be a bit of a challenge. (especially since few will part with the panels).

Enter* Rusty to the rescue! Rusty (ironhydroxide) being such a cool guy decided that we would switch out all of the plastics. Having bought the newly purchased EJ20G swapped RS we decided to swap out the interiors (with a bit of cash on my end). Afterall, the man still needs some sort of interior...? (maybe not) We had both the cars over to my house to strip them down and swap them out.


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Somewhere along the line Sleepysubies had purchased an STI for re-sale. They are a licensed dealership. However, to be able to re-sell the car it must have all stock catalytic converters apparently? They offered to switch me out my STI down pipe for an aftermarket one for free.

I took the offer. My friend had also purchased a header and up pipe about 2 months prior and had not yet installed them. He decided he was sick of looking at them so he gave them to me, for free! They're equal length but nonetheless better than stock. So now I had a new header, up pipe and down pipe all going in to my car. Since the header is a PITA apparently, we settled on myself paying them for installing everything for me. They also did the JDM tails and hood dampers all at the same time for a great price!

I dropped off the car and let them work through the night to get it done.

In the process of removing heat shields for the down pipe

New down pipe

More down pipe

OEM header

New header heatwrapped (crappy picture)

And of course a peek at the turbo

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Time to take the interior up another notch. Charlie aka ForesterDreamer put in the work to make my car look as good inside as it does outside. It's still a work in progress but so far I've had the door inserts done in blue suede to match the STI seats. Definitely gives the interior a nice look all around.

I'm also waiting to do a black suede headliner with black dyed plastics. There will also be a Blue suede shift boot with the STI stitching to match.

What better than some STI blue suede door inserts to match the STI seats and STI carpet?

Also note my new STI floormats (purchased on ebay brand new for about $50)


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This last Wednesday myself and Rusty made it a night to change out my EL (equal length) header for my newly purchased UEL (unequal length) header! I had received the EL header for free from a friend and had it installed by Sleepysubies when they switched out my STI DP for an ebay bellmouth DP. I had the EL header on there for about 2 weeks or so before I relapsed and needed the Subaru rumble back.

I purchased the UEL header from Ryan (ryanveld) for $75 bucks.

UEL (top) EL (bottom)

I realized the day prior that I didn't have new gaskets for the new header/uppipe! Oh crap! So the day before the install I quickly ordered new gaskets for the block-header and the uppipe-turbo (while I was at work). The next day came around and I was at work tracking the package to be assured it would arrive by the time I headed home. .................................... Finally! I received them at around 6:50 or so. It turns out that my gaskets had been misplaced on to another persons delivery truck! The kind kind kind man brought them to me after his route was done! On his way home! Time to rush up to Logan before the night gets ahead.

I arrived at the place where Rusty works his magic... noo not the bedroom. A shop with adequate tools, lighting, and of course a stereo to pump out some classic rock. Time to get to work!

First to go off was the intercooler to make for easier access to the downpipe and uppipe. Due to some prior installment mishaps... we had a bit of a problem removing one of the long (too long) bolts. Long story short we snapped one of bolts that goes from the turbo to the DP.

Meanwhile I got to work unbolting the header from the block and the uppipe. The header came off without much of a fight.
Old and new gaskets

Due to the mishap with the DP/turbo bolts we had to make an emergency run to the Home Depot to pick up some new bolts! We got the bolts we needed and put everything back together!
The fuel for the work:

Oh and of course since we were in the shop we had to check if Rusty's newly picked up exhaust would fit on to his RS! In the process Rusty managed to completely smash his finger! Finger sandwich between concrete and exhaust hangar! One of the things I regret not taking a picture of. Haha

My car now sounds like a Subaru again!!! Woot. I have to give Rusty a huge thanks for doing the work I'd be second guessing myself about. I learn something new every time I'm around the guy. I'm sure I speak for everybody when I say that. Thanks Rusty!

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So after installing the new UEL header/uppipe I figured it was time for a tune. With all the good words I've heard of Jason Cleverly, I had to hit him up. We set up for a time and I headed down to put in some pulls and let Jason work his magic.

After a couple of pulls we came out with my final numbers!
220 HP @ 6,000 RPM and 200ft lb's TQ 4,800

Not bad for a stage 2 04 WRX motor. The weight is where it really counts ;)

Here's a big thanks to Jason for pulling the potential from my car. Next time I've got some new mods I'm definitely going back.

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Foglights and RS wheels in and on

The fogness un-doers

Un-installed shift boot and e-brake boot

I have yet to install it due to some faults with the previous rigging of the rubber accordion. It was super glued to the shifter trim center piece. Thus the retainer surround to hold the cloth in was snapped. I'm working on it

I got my C-Mod fiber glass grille last week! Now to drill and paint it! Aggressive grille for the win

Test fit on my grill to see how it fits. I'm going to have to find some way to mount it. There's only two tabs on the whole thing to mount to. I may need some creative ideas.


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Thanks to Rob (Draconian) for supplying and installing my new LED lights! Now my lighting matches the engine and interior of the car! Up to date and supplying a whole new clean look.







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Yesterday I got my fog light brackets thanks to Solid Autoworks! Now I'll be able to pull my fog lights off and put them on without having to crawl under my car. I'll post pictures in a bit to illustrate what the 'brackets' actually are.

The brackets

One mounted

I will have to pull off my front bumper skin in order to slide the brackets behind the bumper. They get very very close to fitting from under but the frame and other pieces get in the way just barely. I'll mkae sure to post pictures once they are mounted to the car

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Last night I decided the superbowl wasn't worth my time. So instead I worked on getting my new foglight brackets/foglights installed!

It wasn't a horrible process. Just a little time consuming getting all the stuff out of the way. In order to install these two small pieces of metal you have to remove: The grille, corner markers, headlights, signal lights, part of the wheel liner and lastly the bumper itself!

I took a couple of pictures now and then with my phone. I just wasn't in the mood for pulling out my Canon (camera).

Corner lights pulled. Headlights off. Grille removed.

Bumper pulled off

All teh stuff

Where the brackets actually mount to the bumper.

Yellow! Kind of hard to tell with the crappy cell phone picture.


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Friday I received my JDM goodies!

JDM Nardi steering wheel.

JDM Nardi shift knob.

And JDM un-painted rear bumper spats!
Pictures later

Now I have all this cool shiz to put on my car!

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Manufacturer: Volk
Wheely style: CE28n
Color: Diamond Black
Size: 17x8.5
Offset: +44
Weight: 13.75lbs each

This picture does not do the wheel justice.

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Test fit pictures are here.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Volk

Aaaaaaaaannd I also did a sort of a test fit on my JDM spats!

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