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Guaging Interest in Brullen Headers

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Most of you by now know the plight in getting things Ceramic coated, but before I do a post in the private classifieds, I'm just guaging interest to see if anyone here is interested in participating in the Brullen Header pre-release sale.

Just a quick reminder, the kit contains:

All Gaskets
High Flow Cat
Adaptors that will mate to any cat back system (minor mods required)
all nuts and bolts

All these headers are made of T304 Stainless Steel, all tubing is mandrel bent. Now for the Important Stuff.

Note, for comparison sake see below:

SYMS Equal Length Headers from Japan without Cat $2300.00 + High Flow Cat $300.00 = $2600.00

Borla non equal length headers US $495.00 USD + High Flow Cat $300.00 USD = $795.00 USD ($1192.50 Canadian)

Now for the "G-Tech" Facts

Stock Impreza RS (Tibor)Data entered into G-TechCar Weight = 3100 Lbs (includes driver)Times were taken on the same stretch of the 410 at 12:00 (midnight about over a span of 3 weeks) A total of 27 runs were taken, 9 stock runs, 9 cat back runs, and 9 Header w/ cat back runs. Each section will show the averages.

The other mods which were prestent during all the runs are K&N Filter, Cold air tube to the fender, and Under Drive Pulley.

Stock:0-60 = 8.1 Sec (average of 3 runs)
1/4 Mile = 16.14 @ 86 (Best of 3 runs)
HP = 115 (average of 3 runs)

Stock + Brullen Cat Back exhaust:0 - 60 = 7.4 (average of 3 runs)
1/4 Mile = 15.39 @ 90 (Best of 3 runs)
HP = 121 (average of 3 runs)

Header + 2.25 Cat Back exhaust:0 - 60 = 6.91 (average of 3 runs)
1/4 Mile = 14.94 @ 92 (Best of 3 runs)
HP = 136 (average of 3 runs)

There you have it, cold hard facts.

The intro price will be: $1125.00 Canadian ($703.25 USD Approx)
If you choose to take the uncoated it's the same price but Brullen will throw in an Underdrive Pulley or Short Shifter.

Delivery will be in January for the uncoated, and late January for the coated.

This is just a guage to see if people are interested. No orders will be taken at this time.

Thank You
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These throw a CEL? I'll probably wait for the Greddy headers.
All Brullen Headers come with a "NO CE LIGHT" guarantee as well as a Lifetime warranty (for as long as you own your car) against cracking and workmanship.

Changes / additions to original Design:
Thickness increased from 18 guage to 16 guage Stainless Steel
Ceramic Coated
Ceramic Coated
Guaranteed against CE lights
Guaranteed for as long as you own your car
High Flow Cat

All this just to please the Subaru Community. I think there are only a handful of manufactturers doing this.

This post has been edited. Apologies to JC from JoeT. I guess I didn't see the "?", oops I'm human.. OMG.

Also thanks to Yamarocket for pointing it out...
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JC said:
These throw a CEL? I'll probably wait for the Greddy headers.
I see a definant question mark after CEL... I think he ws asking if they would cause a CEL. That doesn't read like an accusation to me.

By the way, I have the medium volume cat back on my car that I bought used, and I love it. Very high quality, nice sound.
It takes a big man to admit fault, at 205 Lbs, I fit the BIG description.

Anyways, I apologise to JC for the stuff. I have edited the post to change the tone.


It's been a rough day....
Ya, I was asking. I've been studying for my Aero final (ugh) so I didn't see your original response, so no hard feelings. I might get your headers, but I'd prefer a matching exhaust (I'm wierd like that) and I prefer the look of the Greddy to yours.
the greddy isn't out yet??
how do you know what it looks like? :confused:
don't mind joe - he's just worried that my headers won't show up before christmas...:D

for anyone who is contemplating buying these, along with the excellent warranty, brullen's and joe's customer service has been outstanding. alfredo and richard at brullen are always available for questions and joe's email responses are immediate and precise. just like how it's supposed to work.

really looking forward to these to see the full potential of my cobb street cams. fedex site is still saying 12/21, joe.:biggest:

If and when I sell my Turbo kit I'd like one and a 2 1/4" cat back dual tip in medium loudness....e-mail me with how much that might cost...Im sick of my POS Borla.....
trojan9x said:
the greddy isn't out yet??
how do you know what it looks like? :confused:
I meant the look of the Greddy catback.
I am interested. Do you have a link to pics or something?
OOOO, I want one. Oh yeah, I already ordered one :happynow:
Oh yeah, it was supposed to ship yesterday :biggest:

So Joe, got a tracking number for me yet?

JC - what's so special about the look of Greddy? Brullen will do any tip you want...dual/single, 3+ inches and they'll remove the protective paint for an extra couple bucks. :D Not trying to :boxer: , just curious.

puckaveli - there's a thread with pics and more info in the i-club private's the link.
Stuff that was shipped on Wednesday: Please check your emails later this evening for the Tracking Numbers..


Thank You....

Also: Check out this review by Karl_Hungous Woohoo!!!

I got my headers and brullen cat-back installed on monday so I figured I should post a mini-review. First of all I was really impressed with the Brullen install, the guys there were great and they really paid attention to details and making sure everything was lined up just perfect. I really felt like I was in good hands when the muffler was hung and the level came out to make sure everything was PERFECTLY straight. Joe --> Richard was on the phone when I left so I never thanked him but when you see him just let him know that I was really impressed with the service there.

As soon as I drove the car the power difference was very noticeable. There were also NO dead spots... it seemed like the whole powerband was lifted evenly. The car is deceptively quicker now and I often find myself speeding without realizing because the car just wants to keep pulling. I ran into some slow traffic on my way out of Toronto and didn't need to downshift nearly as much because the car would pull really steadily from low RPMS in 4th and 5th gears. I didn't get to play with the car this week since it was at the body shop (don't ask ) but anyway I got it back yesterday and reset the ECU (the above review was based on my experience WITHOUT an ECU reset). During my ECU reset drive I pulled out the G-tech and did 2 runs and was pleasantly surprised. Without any "warm up runs" I pulled a 7.23 and 7.12 0-60mph time and my previous best was a 7.75. Besides the exhaust system all I have is a PRM (Cobb) CAI and Karboy SS (if that makes a difference). I'm pretty confident that if I give the ECU a little more time to learn and warm up the diffs properly before running that I could break into the 6's or come pretty damn close. I'm sure that if I added a UDP that I could at least match or maybe exceed Tibor's initial test numbers, and that's in my big heavy '02, but that's just speculation really

I've followed this project since it was annouced on i-club and all I can say is that it has exceeded my expectations in every way. Thanks alot to Joe and Brullen and everybody else involved.
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I'd love to order, but can't right now, but am very interested.

I'm interested, how much?
i'm interested too, but up to now i really haven't seen many picts. maybe it is my computer, but i haven't been able to see any of the picts on the i-club. i have another question, i have the scoobysport exhaust with the 17/8" reducer to mate up with the stock midpipe, the reducer is about 3" long and grows from 17/8s to 2.25" i think. anyway, i'll have to have the reducer cut and 3" welded to either the midpipe or the back box, is the adapter adjustable in that it might be able to span that gap? thanks. oh yeah, and a price would be great for the whole setup and the whole setup minus the axel back box. thanks

ivbdn said:
I'd love to order, but can't right now, but am very interested.
Me too.
i just installed them last weekend. they are excellent. part of the improvement was from my cobb cams just waiting to breathe, but i wasn't willing to put on crap-la's. i have to drop the headers again this weekend(they only sent me one exhaust manifold gasket) and when i have it up on jacks i'll take a few pics if anyone is interested. looks like all the pics on the thread that ylexot posted are all bad links from photopoint.

It seems that in the heat of the rush, the Brullen shipper forgot to put in 2 gaskets... Much apologies for that.

As to photopoint, I have tons of pictures there, grrrrr.... I too have not been able to post any pictures or even get access to my photopoint site.

I am away from home right now (Montreal), but I will be returning to Toronto at the end of the first week in January. I will post all the photo's on an alternate site (suggestions please).

Hey Skeptik,

What are crap-la's?

Talk to y'all soon.
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oops - did i say crap-la? i meant borla. my apologies to borla owners.:run: :D

try imagestation for posting pics

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