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Group B Impreza

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well, here is what insomnia inspired. i couldn't sleep one night so i got to thinking what an impreza would have looked like as a GrB car. i know the drawing is kind of crude, but here it is. its obviously basically a combination of two cars, but there are 3 others that have influenced aspects of the drawing. who can name all five?!?! porter, i'm looking in your direction ;) oh, and speacial thanks to STiShawn for his artistic advice.
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Let's see....

Rear side vents / Fender flares : Obviously Audi Quattro

Rear end shape and front fender curve: Rothmans Porsche 959 GrB

Upswept front wing blending into fender flare: MG Metro 6R4

Rear Wing: Peugeot 405T16 Pikes Peak

The rest looks like Subaru 555 WRC except for the hood heat vent, the shape of that reminds me of a Lancer or Citroen BX4TC.

How did I do?? :confused:

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Well, now that I look at the hood vent again, It's obviously Peugeot 205T16 GrB... I'm not sure how I missed that the first time through. I was confusing the hood in my mind with the Citroen, which didn't have a vent there. Silly Porter!

The wing is obviously stolen from the TeamSMR car... as are the side skirts. They're Kartboy designed, actually. I figured all the cars being imitated were GroupB so I stuck with those for my influence guesses.

My MG Metro guess on the front wing was way off, too... it's just the one that I think of when I think of huge front wings. Now that I look at it again, it's obviously Audi Quattro...:


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2 More things... your windshield wipers are backward.

And that appears to be a strange mix of the the bumpers from the Electra STi and the 22B. :) The way it curves forward at the bottom is very Electra, as are the brake ducts. The foglights could be the 22b from the way they're placed, but they don't have the semi-triangular cutouts.
PS... you didn't get the wing exactly right, it was the squared off ends that fooled me... :D
Well, you were probably thinking of the RS200, but let me show you how much more like the Peugeot 205t16 you really are!

It's amazing how close the vent is to your above design. :D :D :D :D :lol:
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Dude, a wing is a pretty generic object! Do you mean Audi R8?


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