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2000 Acadia Green L wrx swap
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A good start for this journal is with the outlandish name, which when people hear me mention often ask about it. Which also brings us how I got into the world of Subaru's. As a 16 year old I was looking hard for a car and I was in a stage when I did not have a favorite (VR-4 was the previous btw, glad I went with the Sube..) My close cousin Nick who is a member on the site told me about the 2.5RS and how even though it was the older model it still was better looking than the at the time bugeyes.

I must admit, the looks of the car first grabbed me. Somehow the RS became Simba because it made lots of noises and just didn't go anywhere that quickly. Then I got my current Acadia Green sedan and when thinking of a name for it someone called it Mufasa as an upgrade to a Simba. I hope you know the movie to understand but basically it made sense and it stuck. I had to swap Mufasa before it could officially take the name since it needed to grow a pair of balls to be an upgrade. Enough about Lion King let's move on

Here is my first car: 1998 Subaru 2.5RS RBP (sold to horizontalbob 2 weeks after Mufasa purchase)

-Right before I sold it with Winter set of P7's ( that originally came with the car but were in bad condition so I painted them Graphite Gray

Then I drove to NYC from Boston area (when I should have been working at the night shift) to pick my new car up! Can check the date but it was April 08.

Pic will come soon when it had the stock 98 goldies!

Start with mods:

Note that anything I altered or added will be marked with a >

JDM Aluminum Hood
JDM Version 6 Grill
JDM Version 6 Front Bumper
JDM Version 6 Side Skirts
Aftermarket HID's. Gonna have to ask again but I think 6000k/4500k for yellow bulbed fogs
>JDM Corner Lights with light tint
JDM Tail Lights
>Tinted but clear front signals
>Blacked out housing headlights from swap with a member
>Added 2.5RS emblem since it looks good and covers up my paint imperfection. Adds a bit of surprise factor as well I must admit
Lightweight Front Bumper Beam
Carbon Fiber RB5 Rear Spoiler
RallyArmor Mud flaps

*back from the paint shop tonight, installed but no pictures*
>V6 Skirts
>Mesh Style fogs
>V6 PU front lip
>22B hoodvents
>Carbon Fiber S402 hoodscoop painted

Coming soon:
-Roof vent that is painted but I'm going off to college next week without a car
-Maybe a sti diffuser or CF Vortex Generator. Haven't put on the spats yet so i duno

JDM Version 6 Dashboard
JDM Version 6 Gauge Cluster
JDM Version 2 Type RA Front and Rear Seats
JDM Version 6 Door Cards with professional redone upholstery in black mesh fabric
Trunk Light
Viper alarm
JDM folding mirrors
STI key
Alpine CDA - 9857
Blaupunkt Vx652 component speakers
>Infinity Basslink
>Defi Boost Gauge (obviously didn't stick with the Intake Manifold Pressure.)
Oil Pressure Gauge, Exhaust Temp Gauge
>TomTom one with custom mount for no charge in between center vents. Can explain if anyone wants me to.
>Carbon fiber Defi gauge pod
>2004 STI steering wheel
>Carbon Fiber eBay knob with custom green "STI" badge that I made. DIY!
>Escort 8500

Coming soon:
-KPH to MPH. Just have to do it, we'll see
-Custom green stitched boots
-One day, custom green stitched black leather seats

Billstein PSS9 Tarmac Coilovers. Set at 3 in front, 2 in rear)
STi Carbon Fiber Front strut bar
Cusco 22mm Rear Sway Bar
Group A Solid End Links Front and Rear
Subaru Group N Top Hats
H Brace
>WRX wagon 20mm FSB
>Shifter bushings (just front so far)

Next big Mod: Getting rid of my L tranny. And fix that damn 1.5 inch while in gear slop. And ALK

>Ebay catless down pipe/up pipe both Thermo wrapped
>Chimera Performance PnP'ed exhaust mani's
Fujitusbo RM01A (actual GC8 length (I think but may be wrong) Titanium Catback Exhaust

>2005 WRX EJ205 with 63k on it. Swap done by ECS. Although DSG stated that the bottom end looked to have about 5k. That would be nice I need to find a way to check
>Step colder Copper plugs
>Grounding kit
>K n N air filter
>TGV deletes from Chimera Performance that I took my sweet time to instal
>DSG tuned at 220.1 whp on the heartbreaker, hint my signature. Stock evo's I know run 205-215 and sti about 215? I was happy. Sure did take down my friends Evo 8 untuned with a handful of stage 2 upgrades

Subaru 4 Pot Front Brakes
Subaru WRX Rear Brakes

Graphite Prodrive P7's with Fusion ZRI's
Painted P7's with good winter tires

I have work tomorrow early and I can't believe I started this tonight. I even had some kids over tonight I may have made some typos/idiotic statements. I knew that this was something I start before I enter freshman year at UVM this fall. I'm happy I finally started it and I will have some major initial updates when I take pictures tomorrow of the parts and upload other ones. I just need to sleep. I can't wait till this journal becomes long I will add a directory soon.

I will happily take some compliments or suggestions but please try to keep critism to positive ideas on how to improve it. Since this is my build and I'm just beginning my story with Mufasa when I was 18, along with the fact that its my taste. And if you have to ask about 80% of the car was paid by me. Let's see some comments!

Goodnight and I'll update as soon as possible.


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rofl. clever name thing u got goin on, by far one of the best Disney movies IMHO. Lovin the Arcadia, even though its got 4 doors :)

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2000 Acadia Green L wrx swap
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Just got back from work...thanks for the comments though! I'm gonna go install my spats and then take some pics. It looks a good deal different then in the picture

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2000 Acadia Green L wrx swap
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Yes its Zor's old car...and sorry about the pictures if the weather is nice tomorrow I am gonna clean the car and take some pics!

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love the car. i can wish i was as far on my project as you. but i'm still 19,,, merried and got into the whole car thing when i was 18, man i didn't know anything at all back then, but i'm trying to learn lol.

i might start another similair project, kinda want a four door

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Small update:

Car has LGT trans swap (worst install experience ever)

Pioneer double din touchscreen headunit

Getting an Axis stage 2 block, rear diff, 17x8 racing wheels, and FP green esk turbo within 6 months :)
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