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Greddy Header for 2.5!!

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I contacted Greddy and asked them if they were going to be making a Header for the 2.5 and they said "Yes, and it should be out the first part of this upcoming year", and I also asked them if they were going to be making a Turbo Kit and they said that was under development, but hopefully sometime next year.:) :) :)
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I know who is talking them into it too, but he doesn't know I have figured it out yet. Sorry I can't tell. But it is a very well known and reputable dealer that is working on this with Greddy.
i dont want it unless its equal length and bolts up to the stock location. anyone know if its built for NA or turbo applications?
here's what i got in my reply to my e-mail

Thanks for your interest in GReddy Products
We do not have any specifics to release yet, but it will be a full
steel tubular header.
Please keep in touch with your favorite Authorized Greddy dealer for
Aren't they mostly Honduh stuff like AEM? Is there quality any good, or is it ricer cheap trash?
Greddy is top notch stuff man....Their parent company is TRUST JAPAN....Its just that Hondas dominate the Import aftermarket and many Honda owners go with Greddy cause of their quality and innovation...

Great stainless steel headers froma BRAND name company. Those headers are going to be marked up to near hks prices. I honestly do not like those honda brands jumping on the subaru bandwagon they shoulds stick to their fleet of endless hondas.

:stupid: Andy
greddy is pimp and you know it Andy!
Yeah pimp of my nuts. What is the other name for Greddy Trust right? that is the ultimate ricer brand. Well coming from you nik i would expect you to like greddy/trust you do drive the one and only honda impreza 2.5 type rs.

NO! it's an acura impreza 2.5 type - Rs
Just another large vendor trying to jump into a market that is too small for their liking. Prices will be too high for most to afford, and others that can afford it would rather go custom. You just can't sell an intended high-population product to a low-population car's crowd.
yamarocket630 said:
Aren't they mostly Honduh stuff like AEM? Is there quality any good, or is it ricer cheap trash?
greddy makes nice products but can you blame them for concentrating on honda's?? we sold 1.1million civics in how can you blame them for trying to make a buck?? subaru sold under 15k 2.5RS in 4 model'll prolly be GOD DAMNED expensive.
a quick check on their website has prices in the 390-490 range. doesn't sound like too much to me. you'd pay that much for a crap borla. of course, yet to see the actual price on subie stuff.;)

many people have been using greddy products on their cars for a while now like turbo timers and gauges, and me with my greddy front lip. they aren't all of a sudden jumping on the wagon.

and if they were jumping on the wagon, don't you think you would of seen an application for the WRX on the site?
Dammit, trojan9x beat me too it. I bet Greddy has been making stuff for the RS longer than most of you have had one. :rolleyes:
it seems like alot of people dont know jack about greddy....

"id take greddy headers over borla ones any day!"

.......even if i had to pay a little more. and i bet most RS owners would too.

stock headers are cool. i like the greddy gauges though, they match the stock ones well IMO
One reason and one reason only for me to go w/ Greddy headers; CARB least that's what I'm assuming since virtually everything that comes out of there is CARB legal.
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