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I was told that since Subarus are all wheel drive, they are not designed to get the wheel bearings greased. FWD cars need to be greased on the rear wheels on a timely basis, correct? I'm new to the car scene. Sorry if I'm wrong. If the wheel bearings don't need greasing, then what else do I need to grease to keep the car in top working condition? Maybe the gears or something? There is the 'clutch creak' DIY mod in that mentioned curing the creak in the clutch boot under the airbox, but they mentioned getting some chain grease poured into something. They don't have this mod in anymore. Any ideas???
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The suspension and wheel bearings are sealed for life, non-greasable units. As far as the clutch creak, I have no idea, my car doesn't do it. If you follow the maintenance schedules in the owner's maunual, (use the severe service schedule) you should be fine.
North Ursalia has it on his website here
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