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Got props for my car today

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Was sitting at a light and some guys in a jeep... some youngsters. At first i thought he was trying to be smart.. here's how the quick convo went:

incoherent yelling, I turn down my radiohead :D

Me: Wassup?
Him Passenger: Is that thing supercharged?
Me: Nah..
Him Driver: Its still sick as f*ck tho!
Me: Thanks bro! :D

Light turns green and I bone the hell out, but a truck was in front of me..hehe..

I don't think he knew what kinda car I had, but still, nice that some complete strangers went outta their way to compliment. I figured I'd post this cuz of all the other anti-RS posts or whatever you wanna call them.
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Me too

I've been working 3rd shift this week (11pm-7am) because of some testing I have to do at one of our plants. I normally don't drive around during the day when most people are working. I was out Monday afternoon and on a couple of occasions I had people come up to me and ask about my RS. I stopped in SAMS club wearing my SWRT jacket and one kid asked me if I worked at the Subaru dealer in town. I told him no, then later I drove by him outside and he was pointing to my car and waving. It's nice that it still gets noticed. At the drive through the guy got in trouble because he kept asking about the car and forgot to keep doing his orders :) It's also funny that even after having it for a few years I see it parked and can enjoy how nice the car looks to me. It's nice to be driving something that you don't see everyday and all over the place on the roads. As much as I like the thought of owning a WRX I can't get over the looks. I just can't seem to part with my RS. (I even got permission from my wife to get one :) ) Mostly because she thinks she'll get the RS though...
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