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Gone in 60 secs

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Does anyone have a picture or movie clip of that race between the Porsche 911 and the Impreza in the movie 'Gone in Sixty Seconds?' I think that was the first movie that showed the Impreza in action. Too bad people say that that was a civic si. That's ok, keeps the impreza's on the down low. You guys think it was a 22B?
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That was an impreza?!

Dude.. I'm almost completely positive that it was a civic.. :eek:


Damn.. anyone have a picture?
Civic SI.. Foo! Didn't you hear tha VtEc screamin' y0?
it was a Blue Civic with a body kit and rims..........they should'a put the 22B STi in there.

sorry to bust your bubbles!!:D
fool that was a Si
Crack is bad for your health:run:
haha. Well either you are a troll or you were trying to make a joke that no one got. Anyway I think its pretty funny.

Well it should be obvious that it wasn't a 22b based upon the fact that the movie takes place in the US. There was what? One single 22b allowed into the country for promotional use only, right? Yeah. So anyway, they wouldn't take it down to the local illegal drag races.

i just hit the banish button about 400 times and didn't do anything. hey james fix it damn it!!!!
Ummm, oops! :run: I'm an idiot. I thought it was a civic in the first place, but running head to head with the Porsche? This one mechanic told me that that race inspired him to look more into the Impreza. I guess I took his word for it without thinking. Sorry guys. :rolleyes:
rpone605 said:
i just hit the banish button about 400 times and didn't do anything. hey james fix it damn it!!!!
That's a nice looking 22b. :devil:
Go SUBARU!!!! J/K :lol:
Not bad looking for a Honduhhh.
"That's a nice looking 22b."

Isn't it?!


I just hope you were joking
hahah terrible....its a civic.....and i know the guy who owns it....and im pretty sure its a civic still hahah
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