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going FI, day one...

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well, i've researched things exhaustively, and i'm still not sure whether i should turbo the 1.8L in my car, or try and snag this EJ20 and tec ii:

as long as i switch over the front cross member, the EJ20 should be a *relatively* (relatively speaking) simple swap/wire/tune affair, correct?

OR does anyone know if subachad's downpipe that eliminates the need for the crossmember will work in this situation?

if this will work, it's a much better solution as opposed to building or buying a kit, and finding out things don't fit, it won't run, etc. etc. :D plus, it will be easy to get parts for.

so as long as i'm willing to accept the fact that i will be able to break traction in every gear :devil:, i should be OK with the EJ20 swap, right? would i need any other electronics besides the tec ii?

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Having gone down this line of planning, I've decided it's far less work and cost to turbo your existing engine. I'm going to pick up one of Chad's up pipe and down pipe combos and go from there. Switching out the cross member in itself is a lot of work, IMO.

Plus, the EJ20 will probably require a lot of wiring, as the TEC-II is a parallel engine management system (AFAIK) so you still need the wires for things like the TPS, A/C, high speed idle, sensors, etc.

Plus an engine swap - now that's a lot of work! :eek:
that's what i needed to know, how much of a pain in the arse the wiring was gonna be... ;)

but couldn't the current ECU take care of the mundane duties (a/c, TPS, etc.)?

yes the swap is a lot of work, but i know someone who's a tech who could help me out. i'm just afraid of wiring last car was one to the umpteenth power. :mad: :D i had enough internal debate about installing the proECM for that reason, but everything worked out fine there.

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