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I just need to vent a little I guess. Stupid thing broke down on a DSM backroad cruise of all things, much to the delight of my DSM buddys. It jumped time since I am guessing it never had the t belt done and it was at 111k when it went. Going almost 3 weeks without my RS is killing my soul. Well I guess there is some good coming of it-

Rebuilt heads with new valve seals
New VC gaskets
New coil ( old one was weak)
New plugs ( had the stock ones in it :jerkit:)
OEM T belt and tensioner
F+R main seals
OEM Headgaskets
New water pump

The worst thing is that I still need new O2s and rear wheel bearings. Its just never ending.But when its all done the car should be solid and good to go for another 100k. Out of the 3 other Subarus I have owned this is the only one that has had to have any work done on it other than a oil change and maybe a belt.
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