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Hey guys I have my 96 impreza obs with 02 wrx sedan struts and spring at the moment. The front end of the car sits about 2" higher then the rear. So i was looking into Tanabe springs and paranoid fabrications 1/2" spacer.

These are the springs i had in mind.
Tanabe GF210 02-03
Tanabe NF210 02-03

Now question i have is Should i get the spacer before the springs or wait until i finally buy a set of springs then re-measure and figure out what spacer i want?
I'm leaning towards the GF210 since the front and rear spring rate are closer together making me think the back will gain more from that. Also any other suggestions for spring types that may help would be greatly appreciated. I only want a small drop like 1.5" in the front and to make the rear at least even. With the 1.5" F and and 1.0" R drop and a 1/2" spacer I would still be 1/2" higher in the front just from rough estimation. Thanks in advance-Dean

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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