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Getting stuck in to get out!

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ok, what if you get stuck in mud puddle big enough to get all 4 wheels spinning but not moving out!
I do alot of offroading and well last night I need to blow off steam so I went out alone (I never go alone because you don't know what could happen)

Well I was romping around in the mud banks. and I hit one big big mud/water hole and it enoughphed my 2 diverside wheels and the wheels spun the the other side freeed me...WOAH. Heehee, I thought I was about to get screwed.

My question is if you get the front stuck in the mud and the back 2 arn't stong enough to reverse yourself out...what are steps to get unstuck?

Same question for the back two and what do you do if you get all 4 stuck!

Also lets say your by yourself or you can't get a tow.

:drool: :drool: :drool:
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Well first of all with anything other then good offroad/mud tires don't spin the wheels. That will just dig you in more and you never tend to get lucky and find the firm stuff on the bottom. I would assume rocking the car should work similar to a 4X4. With the auto I would guess you'd have to rock it by slowly working back and fourth between drive and reverse. This only works so much after that since your alone your options are grab a shovel and dig your way out, try to jam something under the wheels for traction (floor mats work pretty well for a bit if your desperate) or start walking. I'd have to say off road and alone is a bad idea at the best of times.
Rocking the steering wheel helps, and sometimes applying pressure to the brakes will force the wheels with more traction to get more torque. And sometimes you walk:(
Turning the wheels side to side while rocking may help. As said before a rock or board under the tire even some tree branches could do it too. I am in Richmond Hill right now till Tuesday is there anything to do around here?
Richmondhill? Wheres that? Ehh i don't try to go offroading alone..but you know :rolleyes: :D
Richmond Hill is one or two exits south of savannah on 95. Right by the Harley shop.
I took a detour on the way to Vegas for New Years and well...

This picture is about an hour of driving after the place I actually did this. There was some dude in a big 'ol van who saw a car and thought he could make it down the same road. Well, he was buried to the body. Moral of the story? When playing in the mud, bring a tow rope. I keep one with me all the time so I just hooked it to a 4X4 pickup that offered help and the van, he was out in a few minutes.

93 1.8T
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Woah! well if you wnt ot meet up, chew the fat, got some food even...holla at me on AIM (arg9100). I am a scad student so I am always free. (Like now at 3am)
yeah i may be down for something like that depending on what time i get off work tonight. I'll send you and email with the hotel phone number when we check in.
well it is raining out..time for offroading...LOL
Man I just got off work at about 9pm Thanks to the rain we got today which slowed my work down alot. I am in brunswick right now and should be in Richmond hill tomorrow night. ever heard of a place called steamers? Good food. do did you get stuck again?
Rocking will usually get you out if you keep from spinning too much in the firstplace. ( I prefer R-N-R-N-D-N-D-N-R...etc...) It seems to let you build up more momentum than skipping N and going D-R-D... If you can't rock it out, then find anything you can to stuff under the tires. You can carry alot of rocks/stones in a sweatshirt when you make a bag out of it! Also, carry a tire pump and drop the pressures to near flat. 10-15psi or even lower. Just be careful at those pressures or you'll pop the bead off and be totally screwed (unless you carry starting fluid and matches, but that's another story). As a last resort you can try to jack the car up and then push it off the jack. I'd probably dig out all the mud possible before I drove off the jack if it were me.

Whatever you do, be nice to the ******** in the area just in case you need one to pull you out.:eek:
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not yet....I have gotten close...I slid off track and well landed in a foot and some of water adn free easly though....just scared the crap fro me.
I would guess the turbo would hurt more then help in this case. It's not like he'll be running big mudders to throw the mud out. LSD's front and back would help out a lot though
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