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98 impreza coupe, 03 WRX wagon
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Okay, so heres the crazy, wonderful, awful idea I had... I feel like the mechanical Grinch to make people go "wtf? :facepalm:"

So about a year ago I bought a Honda del sol shell off a friend for $300, he needed the money. The car has just been sitting in storage ever since, I think Ive seen it once. Not my smartest investment but I figured, hey, rolling chassis on a rather nice Honda. Yes I just said that.

While browsing craigslist I located a 1993 impreza wagon, or whats left of one. the guy cut the car in half, making it "his dune buggy" as he posted. It runs and drives but the body is completely worthless with the mutilation, but still runs and drives, not even a CEL

So heres what Im thinking..... take the entire essence of Subaru, meaning the drivetrain, axles, wheel assemblies and everything salvageable... and drop it into whats left of a 1993 Del Sol si. Essenitally making a boxer-powered, AWD Honda 2 seater. locally I can get custom drive shafts cut, I have an extra rear diff sitting at a friends house if I wanted to go awd (I believe the 93 impreza was fwd right??) I know it would take some cosmetic surgery to make it work, such as cutting a tunnel for the drive shaft, fabricate motor mounts and all that fun stuff.
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