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Last week I had a chance to sit down with Pete Mastro of Mastro Subaru in Tampa and Ralph Priebe, a Subaru District Manager with SCCA ties. We discussed the possibilities of the Georgia/Florida event in the late summer timeframe. Pete Mastro bounced the ideas we came up with off of the Florida I Club chat group and their responses were very positive. We are still in the early planning stages.

Randy Reinhardt
Southeast Subaru

Here are the tentative details:
The event would be a two day Auto Cross competition in Jacksonville Florida. We are looking at dates around the end of September into the first part of October. It would be set up and timed by the local SCCA chapter. It would need to be limited to approximately 100 drivers in order to conclude by noon on Sunday. All drivers would compete on Saturday for possibly 4 timed runs. On Sunday the top drivers from Georgia and Florida would compete for top honors in their class. The number of Sunday competitors would be determined by the number of classes registered for the competition. Trophies would be presented for class winners on Sunday. By noon on Sunday we will know which state has the fastest Auto Crossers and just who takes home the bragging rights.

We are currently looking at two sites in Jacksonville and possible dates they could host the event. We are also in discussion with individuals to coordinate the set up and timing of the event. There would be a nominal charge per participant to cover insurance and part of the event setup. The majority of the event cost will be paid by Subaru.
As a show of our appreciation of the customers who love their Imprezas in Georgia and Florida. After we iron out a few more of the details we can consider opening up the event for registration.

Everyone who is interested in the Event, please send me an e-mail, stating your name(or user name) and which state you are from. I will post everyone who is interested on a page on my site. Once I get the first name, I will post the web-site address here so everyone can see who will be attending. This will also let us get started in setting up the event.

Please send e-mail to
[email protected]
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