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Hello everyone. I'm in the market for a new car and have come across a '01 Impreza RS that has had an interesting swap done. I'd like to pick some of the more experianced members brains about this engine.

-Block: EJ257 shortblock
-Heads: EJ25
-Cams: EJ25
-Head Gasket: Cometic Metal Headgasket
-Fuel: Vishnu rails, stainless A/N braided fuel lines in parallel configuration, Aeromotive FPR -Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump, Rochester/Siemens 760cc fuel injectors
-Misc: Unorthodox pulley, Intake manifold has been flipped (for ease of a FMIC?), TWE titanium valve springs and retainers
-Turbo: Precision Turbo SC34: 53 lb/hr, T3/T04S hyrbid

More or less, with an engine that appears to have alot of work done, I'd like to know some of the logic that went behind the work. Are there any precaustions to a setup like this? Reason I'm concerned is because of another thread regarding this particular block. (thread in question)
Also, regarding the turbo: Is this turbo well sized for the engine? I can't tell whats properly sized for a piston engine as my only turbo experiance is on a rotary, and they like larger turbos in comparison.

Thank you for your input!
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Off topic: I like your username!
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