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99' Subaru Impreza 2.5 Rs
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videos here:
Gingerman Track 1:38
stupid shit, link to photo album below pics.

For all who dont want to read what is done but just want to look, please just look at my album HERE!

there are way too many pics to display here in this thread.

Ok, so this is my first time posting pics of my car on here for the specific purpose of whoring it to see what you think about it. So many people were like “you ever post this on the forums?” Well now I am. Below is my where I am at now. Bare in mind I bought this car new in Feb 00’ and it has had COUNTLESS iterations of parts on it. I wont list previous mods, just current.

And before you ask, Kephos is a coating that is rust proof, and is only .0004”- .0007” thick. You can wrench on it, it is used in all forms of motorsport including F1.

Any mod labeled with brand *SP is something I made. It stands for Sonnen Product.

2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS coupe, Sedona Red Pearl, original owner.
Appx. 2700lbs w/o driver


Vis carbon hood and trunk
Seibon carbon P1 lip and RB5 wing
Seibon GDB carbon scoop with 05 STI retrofit splitter
Sparco hood pins
*SP modded quick release pit pins for rear hood mounts
75% flow stainless mesh, Kephos’d black on scoop and hood vents
OEM clear corners, clear bumper lights and sidemarkers
HID Hella FF1000s, 6k lights, Hella Stone Shields
HID McCulloch 6k Headlights
STI carbon “hare” emblem
New South Wales front license plate from some guy in Australia (haha suckers!)
Nukabe Front and rear tow hooks modded to subframe
SPA formula carbon mirrors, *SP carbon mirror mounts
Painted sideskirts
OEM flat fuel door kit
05 STI BBS 17 x 8 wheels, spayed PPG Brown Metallic paint at Pratt and Miller Engineering
Trust lightweight Mg Alloy lugnuts, bronze
Advan A048 DOT-R tires, 225 45 17
07 STI center caps
06 STI Rear badge (cherry blossom red)
Pegasus front and rear TOW decals
OEM rear spats, sprayed SRP
OEM half clear taillights


Prodrive WRC junior Sparco drivers seat
6 point Sparco FIA harnesses, aluminum restraints
05 STI passenger seat, airbag removed
4 point Sparco FIA harness, steel restraints
Sparco/Wilians snap in kits
*SP 4130 driver seat bracket, Sparco 4130 side mount brackets
Sparco passenger seat bracket, *SP aluminum side mounts
Completely gutted, all sound deadening, interior panels and carpet etc. removed
Interior chassis sealed and sprayed black

05 STI Interior items:
Dash, dash beam, defroster panel with sun load sensor
Center cluster
All HVAC boxes and digital controls
Center console with DCCD controls
STI titanium shift knob
*SP carbon closeout panels on center console
Defi v2 control unit for imperial unit boost, oil temp and egt gauges
Defi gauge hood, sprayed SRP
*SP carbon close out panel for ashtray Defi CU
Japanese or STI limited hazard button
*SP airbag delete cover
IC spray switch, FF1000 control switch
05 STI e-brake and cables
Full 05 STI interior harness, shortened to fit proper lengths
and removed all wires not needed
*SP carbon radio closeout
05 hydraulic pedal box, modded for proper fitment
05 steering column with proper key fob, and ignition switch
IC sprayer reservoir
Red light mods on ALL interior switches/controls

*SP Carbon ECU cover/foot plate
Sparco 310 x 260 wheel with lap timer
Sparco wheel hub with quick release
Longacre Steering wheel hook
Sparco carbon pedals, *SP carbon dead pedal
*SP drive by wire throttle pedal adapter, with throttle stop
*SP carbon door switch mounts, titanium door pulls
8 point (6 point used, to keep heater etc.) Sparco Group N FIA homologated cage, welded in with *SP harness bar, sprayed Duplicolor Charcoal Grey
Braille 11lb lightweight racing battery, carbon series, with Braille aluminum mounts (in trunk)
Innovate Motorsports Wideband LC-1 and XD-1 data display in Autometer roll cage pod
Sparco Electrical master cut-off switch, in dash with Nismo retro decal
Sparco handheld fire extinguisher
I/O port camera mount to cage


336 whp, 355 ft/lbs dyno’d and tuned by Dan at Tuning Factory, MI

05 STI EJ257, with 13000 miles.
OEM VF 39 turbo
Injen CAI intake, modded for GC8 fitment
Perrin Inlet tube, standard size inlet, heatwrapped
Cusco turbo heat shield, modded with “0-clearance” aluminum proper heat shielding
Samco IC hoses
Perrin recirc BOV
Samco BOV hose
APS tumbler delete lower intake manifolds
UTEC EMS with remote map switching, tuned on 93 octane petrol for 19 PSI
Perrin Lightweight crank pulley
*SP stainless braided fuel lines
PE 850 Injectors
Mobil 1 5/30 oil and oil filter
Denso Iridium plugs, 1 step colder heat range
GT Spec Gen II stainless headers/up-pipe, egt bung, copper heat wrapped, stainless straps
Turbo XS 4” stainless bellmouth downpipe, heat wrapped
Turbo XS stainless race pipe and intermediate pipe for GDB
Blitz stainless axleback, properly flanged for 3” no taper
Kartboy urethane exhaust hangers, 1 extra long
Group N Subaru engine mounts
C&R racing radiator for GDB, overflow reservoir, *SP hoses etc.
SPAL dual fans
Samco radiator hoses for GDB
STI header tank cap
Cusco oil blow by canister, modded for proper vacuum and fitment, *SP hoses, Goodridge fittings
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
05 STI fuel tank and all emission equipment
A/C delete


04 STI 6MT, 5000 miles, swapped with 05 diff retainers
05 STI front axles
Exedy Twin Plate clutch and lightweight flywheel
05 STI clutch slave/master cylinder, damper deleted
*SP Teflon coated/ stainless clutch line with stainless Goodridge fittings, proper Subaru fitment (try finding them!!!)
Kartboy short shift lever, pivot bushings, front and rear stay bushings from Turn In Concepts (love those guys!)
All shift linkage Kephos’d
TIC gearbox mount bushings
TIC R180 outrigger bushings-race
TIC R180 mount bushings-race
Subaru group N 6MT mount
05 STI R180 etc.
05 STI rear axles
*SP solid aluminum upper gearbox mount (pitch stopper), Aurora rod ends

Suspension/ Steering:

05 STI front uprights *SP machined for 04 suspension fitment, 5 x 114.3 bolt in hubs, all Kephos’d for durability
05 STI rear uprights/hubs, Kephos’d
GC8 fitment Tein “HT” dampers. Built from HT inverted blanks to my specs I sent them for proper valving for road racing shaft speeds I wanted.
12k/11k/10k/8k spring rates, depending on set up
Tein camber-adj pillowball mounts, 4 corners
20 step bump and 20 step rebound adjustment
05 STI front and rear cradles (x-members, subframes…whatever)
Whiteline rear subframe lock kit
GC8 STI carbon front strut tie bar V6
05 STI Aluminum front control arms, free castor mod, steel parts Kephos'd
*SP Solid Oilite hat bushings for front control arm mount
Whiteline “race” (90 durometer) control arm rear bushings
Whiteline ALK
Energy Suspension ball joint boots, heat shielded
Whiteline 24mm adj. blade front ARB (2 position), *SP powdercoated
Whiteline 24mm (27mm…whatever) adj. blade rear ARB (3 position), *SP powdercoated
*SP front ARB links with Aurora hi-mis rod ends, adjustable pre-load, Kephos’d
Whiteline HD rear ARB links, aluminum with *SP solid bushings
Whiteline HD rear ARB mount kit, poly bushings, *SP powdercoated
Whiteline Adj. rear control arms, *SP solid bushings, *SP powdercoated, Kephos'd turnbuckle, stainless hardware
STI rear trailing arms, *SP solid rear bushings (to upright)
05 STI quicker steering rack, 2.25 turns lock to lock
*SP steering coupler
Whiteline poly steering rack bushings
Redline PS fluid
All 05 STI lines, reservoir etc
Tie rod boots heat wrapped


05 STI Brembo package, OEM rotors
Performance Friction 01 front pads for race
Performance Friction 05 rear pads for race
OEM Brembo pads for street
AP caliper temp sensors, rotor temp paint
*SP Teflon coated/stainless brake lines with stainless, proper Subaru fitment Goodridge fittings
OEM 05 STI brake booster and master cylinder
05 STI brake hard lines/ rear proportioning valve
Castrol SRF
OEM STI e-brake and cables
GC8 WRX front brake ducts with *SP front brake duct package


MOST hardware on exterior is swapped out for metric stainless. ALL of non-stainless hardware on exterior has been Kephos’d for durability

I have done ALL work on it with the help of employees of Pratt and Miller Engineering and few select friends, with the exception of the tuning by Dan at Tuning Factory.
Chassis has about 95,000 miles on it.

I beat the living shit out of this car. It keeps asking for more fuel. This is by no means a show car.

So, what do you think? Feel free to tell me constructively what you like and dislike. Not like I will change anything based on the responses.

96/99/07 lightning red
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have you dynoed it yet? what kind of power numbers is it putting to the round things with rubber that go on the ground?

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i just looked through your album, amazing car. do you have any nice high rez images? i would love to have one as my background. function>form ftw!

the door window/lock switches mount was a nice touch haha

2000 Subaru RSTi Silverthorn
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Love your car man, i always wondered how it would look with a carbon spoiler on my trunk :D Might have to do it now haha. A+ really love it.
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