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'93 L + v7 STi = <3
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I know there are at least a few of you out there. I have such a setup myself. Let me say from the outset, I've read some of the threads on this topic but haven't found a clear post on impressions w/ aftermarket lowering springs.

What this post is for is to inquire specifically about that: For you who have installed the later STi (04+) struts on your earlier Impreza, have you put lowering springs on your car, what type, your impressions?

First, here's my config:

  • 93 Impreza L w/ full v7 STi swap
  • 04 STi struts
  • 05 STi springs (w/ 90-94 Legacy rear tophats)
  • 22mm Perrin sway bars, front & rear (solid, not tubular)
  • stock front endlinks; (soon) Kartboy rear endlinks (thanks, Tom!)
  • Perrin stout mount in rear
  • Rota Tarmac II wheels (17x7.5, +48)
  • Michelin Pilot A/S tires, 235/45/17

Second, my goal: Primarily & honestly, a more lowered look. I'm not looking for a "slammed" look, just one that's more tasteful than the lifted (read, "mini-monster truck"; see pic in next post) stance now. For those of you w/ this setup, you know it raises the car, esp. in the back (along w/ losing some camber). With the stock STi struts & springs, the car's pretty stiff already given its lighter weight so I don't necessarily need a better performing spring setup, just something that looks better.

Third, my comments:

  • I understand, due to the lighter weight of my car, no matter what springs I get, it won't lower the car as much as it would a later model car.
  • Major concern: Cost. Unfortunately, I've basically run out of funds except for a few dollars left in my paypal acct. Thus, I'm reverting to buying springs to lower the car instead of a full suspension setup more suited to it.
  • Secondary concern: Tire rubbing. As you can see, my tires are pretty wide (235's; no rubbing at this point :clap:).

Some springs I'm considering:

  • Perrin: Seem ideal in terms of amount of lowering as well as being progressive rated. But this post seems to say these will be bouncey (see post #8).
  • Cobb
  • Swift
  • Tein S-Tech: Seem to be cheapest in the classifieds on NASIOC.
  • (Out of my price range but would be cool): Ground Control coilovers.
  • Any others I should consider???

So, GC/GF owners: If you have the later model STi struts installed, have you ventured out in terms of lowering springs (I assume, GD STi springs; maybe something else)? If so, which ones? What has your experience been like? Any words of advice?

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Have you thought about running v.5/6 springs or whatever gc spring you like on those struts. The fronts should fit no problem. I just think the rear spring perch will be just a little bigger then the gc springs, but shouldnt give you a problem.

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'93 L + v7 STi = <3
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You know someone PM'd me about him trying out some Prodrive GC springs on 04 STi struts on his GC. Awaiting word on his results.

Actually, prior to his PM, I hadn't thought about it since I'm currently running the older Legacy tophats. I would then need to get GC tophats AS WELL AS the springs & as you can see, I'm a little low in the funds dept :( But that is a possibility.

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tonight i installed 04 sti struts with tein stech springs. the front came out great, bolted right up with the 04 sti tophats..

as for the rear, i stuck with the stock 97 l tophats, and i used the rubber piece from the 04 tophat to fit the springs, because the piece that goes between the tophat and the spring from the L would not work from some reason..

my problem aswell is the back is very high!! almost like stock.

what is the advantage to using the legacy rear tophats? what is it going to take to get the rear of the car lower.. seems like we both have the same issue!

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I got 04 STi struts and JDM STi pink springs (258 f/219 r)on my GF.
I love the set up .
Fitment was: trimmed up the STi top perch's.
Running rear camber bolts,and USDM STi front lower control arms.
Sits slightly low in the rear.
Slight bump steer ,mabye goning with 6 gun racing's kit.
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