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hi guys, I now have access to the finest replica can find in the market, but I would like to know the product that everybody would be interested at, and the list I have acess to is (all replicas for GC8)
1. aero mud guard(urethane)
2. sti front strut bar
3. rear skid plate(aluminum)
4. zero sport cool radiator plate and intercooler spliter(aluminum)
5. WRX factory style front lip(urethane)
6. Possiblly v6 front lip(urethane)
7. casa blanca rear lamp (factory part)
8. new and old style sti fog lamp cover
now, I am only gauging for interest, if there are enough interests, and the total sales can compensate the shipping charge from Taiwan, I will offer all these items at low, resonable price, with the highest quality possible.
I've sold an set of aero guard and front lip to the old "i-clubber", and both of them are pleased with the quality.
if you guys see the same ad on other two club under Kevex, or qualityreplica, please only reply to one of them. thanks guys!!

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STi fog covers, with the stickers. I need those, badly.

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Do you have pricing for this stuff yet? I can think of a few items I'd be interested in.

Thanks - Jon
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