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I know I will probably regret doing this but we will see.

As the title says, would any one be interested in a set of clothing (cami top, tank top and boyshorts only). It would be a very limited run of around 10-20 sets (only sold as sets unless otherwise stated). A set would include either a cami or tank top and a pair of boyshorts.

Only color would be black (as of now) and I would try to get them embroider instead of prints. It would be a very simple design (no car outlines, not the current logo), just the basic in red and white.

The time frame for this is yet to be determined as I am in the process of looking for a new job and maybe moving in September. I will keep this up-to-date on the status and my plans.

So let me know in here (do not send me PMs asking questions, just ask here).



Who wants what:

1. Carisma - Small Pink tank top (black stitching)/Black bottoms (pink stitching)
2. Joshua - Small Pink tank top/bottoms (black stitching)
3. Rooster - Small Black tank top/bottoms (red stitching)
4. Heidi - Medium Army tank top (black stitching)/black bottoms (white stitching)
5. Kerplunk105 - Medium Black tank top/bottoms (red stitching)

EDIT: I've decided to make this a limited edition piece. There will only be 5 made in any color combination desired. I will get colors tonight for the tops and bottoms and post here. The first 5 to confirm colors and sizes will be in and the price will be FREE. After these 5, I am not doing anymore as these are going to be a limited run. :)

EDIT #2: Below are the tank tops and the colors available: (cami has been removed as I couldn't find a good one)

Tank Top Colors:

Tank Top Image:

Boyshorts colors:

Boyshorts Image:

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Yeah...sure its for you "girlfriend"


I will talk to the girl tonight and see if she is interested.

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What, no guys want to buy any for themselves? :skeptical:

What're the tank straps supposed to be like?
Similar to this:

I want a set for my girl. (Haven't asked her yet, but if I tell her I think it's hott, she'll wear it!)

Any clue on price?
If I had an idea of price, I would have posted it.
I'll buy Accell a pair of boyshorts.
What is the price on the items? I'm def interested for my girl but I'd like to know how much this would run me.
See my answer to ZeroPunk.
interested in a set lmk.
Just tell me the top you want and you will go on the list.
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