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Gated shifter 4eat??

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I know somebody was workin on this awhile back(James maybe?)Anyway do you think its possible to swap out the gated shifter from the MY02 to earlier models? Ive got a suby junkyard nearby and mite have access to the parts sorta, lol,,,cheap.
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That gated shifter is lame. I've driven a couple of loaner cars (outback and a forester) with the 4eat and Lemme tell you.. it's not as cool as it looks. I liked my straight 4eat WAY better.
I'm not working on the swap myself, but, yeah, the gated shifter makes things much more difficult than they have to be, IMO.

I can't imagine the parts would be that difficult to swap out. I've had my whole shifter apart to see how it worked, and it's just a lever on the side of the tranny up to the mechanism inside the car. Probably just bolts up. Go find one in a wrecking yard is my bet. :D
My girl has a '97 L, and I have an '02 TS. I've driven both, and I find the gated shifter easier to "sport shift" tahn the straight shifter. Maybe it's jsut me, but I feel like it's easier to fly though the gears.

Admitedly, it was awkward to get used to. I would constantly miss 3rd at the right time and blow into N when I shouldn't. It took a little getting used to but I honestly think it's faster than the button shifter. easier to recover from a mis-shift too. Now that I have the feel for it, I'd never trade it for the straight shifter.

Thanks guys,,,my moms got a new Outback Limited,maybe shoulda driven her car before i asked this question DOH!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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