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Those are the lines that exit from the cabin on the drivers side and then route up and above the gas tank.

There's three probable causes going on here.
  • First, and what I believe is most likely in your case judging by the outrigger frame and surrounding unibody, is the fuel tank seam that joins the two halves is separating at the halfway mark, due to rust, and causing a leak. The only fix in this case is to drop the tank and replace it (expect over $1000 in labor at a shop as the majority of the rear suspension has to come out--not an easy job and a lot can go wrong here with a rusty vehicle).
  • Second, the gasket on top of the tank for the sub-level sender can be leaking. To verify this, in the trunk/near rear seats there should be two access ports. Unscrew the lids and do a visual inspection to see if there are any leaks coming from the senders.
  • Finally, there could be a bad line. The fuel feed on the later-years (1999? onward) utilize a nylon feed-tube with a quick disconnect. See the image below. This line will not rust, but could potential develop a hole some how. Alternatively, one of the other lines that run atop of the tank could have developed a hole cause a leak. Again, these could be checked via visual inspection through the inspection holes in the trunk area.
I have attached some reference images below.

View attachment 86475
View attachment 86474

If you're mechanically inclined, this is a doable job. I have replaced three fuel tanks at this point now, all Northeastern vehicles. However, they all have had their challenges and it can become a time consuming and frustrating task at points. Best of luck.
I recently bought a 2000 2.5rs and there is a gas leak, does anyone know a fix/what's causing this?
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im having a similar issue but my leak is strictly coming from the passenger side and only while the car is running
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