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Gallery Section, Please?

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how about a gallery to show off the GC styling? you can never get enough of that.

- Jon
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YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! I like Pictures
Gallery, huh? Lemme see what I can do.... :sunny:
Okay, I've got a 30GB HDD on this server, go wild, and let's see some good pictures of some cute women, too! :sunny:

As I can see you have a gallery form now. Good, however you already have 3 threads in the interior form that I guess need to be moved because they are all gallery pics. I am just letting you guys know that so that you can see some of the pics that are already up. Oh, and I noticed in the wording of your gallery form you said
Post pictures of you ride and cute girlfriends here!
Well what if I am the girlfriend and the car is my ride, I hope you do not mind if I post pics of my own car. :lol:
Oh, man, looks like I put my foot in my mouth already! Lemme go change that so I am a little more PC, eh?

I should have realized there would be some women on here sooner or later - my best friend has an Impreza and she's bound to show up here sooner or later!

No I did not care I just thought is was kind of funny the way you worded it. You can leave it if you like, it makes no difference to me. ;)
We have a gallery, and the uploads still works...

...if you know how to use it...
gotta know where to find it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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