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Ive been looking into swapping the fwd trans out of my 96 impreza for the wrx trans that I have lieing in my basement.

My list of things for the swap:
wrx trans
awd gas tank
awd rear cross member
rear diff and axles (stock wrx)
rear knuckles ( would also like to convert to disk brakes, could I use wrx knuckles, with 2.5rs struts?)
driveshaft ( I need to do some more reading up on the different lengths)

now with the wrx swap to the 1.8 I would need to swap over to hydrolic clutch and get the neccessary clutch flywheel for this I know theres a write up out there for it, just need to remember where it was at

If anyone has anymore information that they could add in to make it that much easier that would be great thanks
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