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*Not my car, just found on my local craigslist*

Fully "Tricked Out" 1998 Subaru

"I spent over $13k in parts and labor & 5 years to make this car look the way it does.
Here is a list of the parts & their cost.

1. Black JDM Head Lights, corners, side markers. $320.00
2. Real Carbon Fiber wing. $350.00
3. Black JDM Tail Lights. $175.00
4. Stainless Exhaust Muffler. $150.00
5. KYB AGX Struts & Coil over springs. $625.00
6. Z3 Fender Inserts. $60.00
7. M3 Blue LED power Mirrors painted. $160.00
8. Do Luck Body Kit. $600.00
9. VIS Real Carbon Fiber Hood & Pins. $600.00
10. 18' VSR Wheels & 205/40/R18 Champiro tires. $1,200.00
11. Sony CD player with MP3 hookup. $160.00
12. 12" Infinity 1,200 Watt Sub Box. $300.00
13. 1,000 Watt Sony Amp & Capacitor. $375.00
14. Front & Rear Strut Tower Bars. $67.00
15. Cold Air Intake, adapter & cone. $65.00
16. New Quarter Panels + labor. $600.00
17. Pearl Blue Paint job inside & out. $4,000.00
18. Black Leather Carbon Racing Seats & Custom Brackets. $750.00
19. Blue Harness Belts, Pads & Harness Bar. $285.00
20. Dash Cover, Real Carbon Fiber Cluster Cover. $60.00
21. Blue HID Lights. $60.00
22. Diamond Cut WRX Floor Mats. $145.00
23. Blue Fog Lights. $45.00
24. Gauges & Custom painted Tri Pod. $280.00
25. Real Carbon Fiber Canards. $125.00
26. Real Carbon Fiber Splitter. $250.00
27. Real Carbon Fiber Grill. $160.00
28. Subaru Windshield Vinyl. $65.00
29. Two Way Pager Alarm System. $360.00

To see the making of this car & more pics, check out this link.....

I have a turbo kit for this car that I haven't put on the car yet that is for sale too. The kit is worth $2,700, but will sell with the car for an extra $1,000.

The only reason I'm selling this car is because I just bought me a new one and need the money from this car to hook up my new car. I'm in no rush to sell this car, so the price is firm (and fair). It's an AWD automatic with 135k miles on it. This car has Subaru's most reliable motor they have ever built (the 2.2). This motor can easy hit over 200k mile with no problems at all as long as you keep the oil clean. This is my baby & got nothing but the best (synthetic oil, no snow or rain if I could prevent it). Please contact me at 585-775-4397, only if you can make it happen."

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Why do I feel like this has already been posted here, wasnt it in CT or something first?

It was this exact ad too...

EDIT: This has got to be the same car. A two way pager system? Who puts those in there cars these days? Or ever for that matter.

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He overpaid for the paint job, but everything else is just about retail price. Considering the money he invested, he's right to want so much for it. Whether it's worth more than $8000 or not is highly debatable. I could probably build almost the same exact car for $4000.

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The outside looks fine. It was probably a show car. It does make a good candidate to swap though. Get rid of the junk parts and then enjoy a well done exterior on what is hopefully a clean chassis.

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I know that guy! He's actually a really stand up dude and installed everything properly, although i don't agree with his modifications i do vouch this is a solid vehicle.

Good luck brotha!
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