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Fs: (va) 1999 Rbp Rs 142k $4000 OBO--> PRICE DROP-- SOLD!!


1999 RS 5-speed 142K miles
Many things to go with it.

Front and Rear strut tower bars
Eibach lowering springs plus OEM originals
OEM struts installed
KYB AGX set also (LF needs to be replaced)
STI top hats with about 40-60K on them
K&N filter (with recharger kit)
Gold 98 5 spokes decent shape ( some curb rash )
Currently RE92s mounted (need to be replaced)
Set 17’s Speedline Pero R (gold) heavy but strong
Set steel 15’s with all-season tires - good tread left
Sabelt 3-point Club Man harnesses w/ shoulder pads for Rally/Auto X
WRX muffler
SS brake lines
JDM clear Tail lamps
Clear corners (not currently on car)
Kartboy shifter bushings
Whiteline Rear Adj. sway bar (18-22mm) w/ solid EL F/R
ABS kill switch
SWRT titanium shift knob
Approx. 7mm thick sump guard
Newish rear bearings with about 20K
New accessory A/C belt 1 year old
Power sunroof (finicky but operable)
New drivers window (shady carwash!)

Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil always used at regular intervals (3-5K)


Original gearbox - bad synchro in 4th, used center diff replaced old one (been sitting a while, good for rebuild
Original rear diff - replaced around 120K with used unit from Octagon
RS SUPER short block (whats left of original engine - crank and block haves)
Exhaust gaskets
Timing belt
2000 MY intake manifold with all wires and harnesses and TB
Bump stop for rear damper, not yet installed


The car has been damaged twice on the right side but repaired. The second was worse requiring some chassis work near the right side shock tower and wheel well (glancing impact to right fender and wheel/tire). However, as a result of this repair, I developed a leak in the firewall on the right side, and had to remove the carpet as a result of mildew. I have tried to seal the hole, but I’m not sure quite where it is. I have narrowed it down to the brake line grommet in the fire wall. It strangely leaks less now than it used to.

The original engine let go far from home and was replaced by Subaru of Mansfield, PA using a 2000 MY engine sourced from Octagon Spares of Felton, PA. This engine unfortunately was in the run of Subaru engines that had head gasket problems. It does leak coolant to the outside only, and has never overheated on me. The leak is related to the pressure of the coolant and the ambient temperature, i.e.. It leaks more in winter. I just keep it topped off.
There is some rust on the front fenders, due to rubbing from over-sized tires.
The gearbox was replaced at about 130K with a 2005 unit I believe from a fellow NASIOC member in NOVA. (thanks!) I kept the old one which has a bad synchro in 4th gear but double clutching that gear works fine. The center diff was replaced with a used one from a WRX due to excessive wear (thanks Delta V!) I never refilled the box with oil or cracked the main case open.

The rear diff was changed because I thought the noise I was hearing was the diff ( actually the bearing was going...right side I think) when all was said and done, I had replaced the rear diff, and both rear bearings before the noise went away. I think it was a bearing to begin with...
The stereo is stock, the CD/Tape still works fine. One rear speaker is damaged, and the right door woofer is shot I think. Plus the the display is in Romulan 90% of the time. But the music still flows!

There’s more to come, including pictures or at least links to pictures.

PRICE: $4000 OBO

I’m selling to get a motorcycle I found locally, and want to sell as soon as I can to reduce my gas costs and not pay to park at work!!
The car has served me well, and is still a hoot to drive.
This is an excellent chance for a project car for someone other than myself (with now 2 children!)
I really want to sell everything as a whole and not part out.
Would prefer local sale to keep parts headaches to a minimum!

Please PM or email at [email protected] for additional pics or to just come on by and look at it.

Thanks for looking!

Christian MacCurtin


The car also has a Fumoto oil valve, aluminum lug nuts for the 17’s, good spare, Centric rotors for WRX size,A/C blows cold, fresh oil/filter, modified scissor jack (welded lug nut to allow raising with power wrench or other), grounding kit, spare clutch pieces, and deleted snorkel in the fender.

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Possibly... I hae some folks that are still wanting to come by and look at the car. Others have spoken for them right now, but your name will go into the pool of standbys.

Thanks for replying and for your interest!


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im getting the funds together as we speak to try an get this car, it looks just like my old rs, how bad is the firewall leak? Does it still have carpet coming with it? How bad is the headgasket leak?

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The car has been sold. :( I found a good home for her locally. (with visitation rights)
Thanks to all for their interest.



However there will be some leftovers for sale soon!
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