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Up for sale is my 2000 Impreza Outback Sport that has been highly modified to be an amazing daily driver and fun weekend car in the mountains. The goal with this car was to build a vehicle that would not be too harsh for daily driving; maintain reliability and economy; and handle and brake well for back roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway, Tail of the Dragon, and Cherohala Skyway. The other goal was to have something that blends in well and does attract extra attention. It definitely handles and stops better than any stock WRX out there.

On first look it looks like any other Outback Sport. It has a WRX STI catback exhaust system, but it not too loud unless you go above 4000rpm and then it has a nice boxer sound. It does not drone on the highway. I am nearly 40 and drive this car with my kids to school I did not want a car that was too loud or would get tickets. Most of these cars you see on the for sale pages and Impreza forums are projects. They barely run, have head gasket issues, have neon wings on them, 2 foot long shifter handles, smell like smoke, and often are really rusty. Many of this vintage have the 2.5l DOHC engine which was notorious for head gasket issues. The first generation GC8 and GF8 Imprezas are one of the best handling cars ever made. The GC8 2.5 RS is gaining a lot of collector status right now. This is basically the wagon version of that car with a better stock motor. It's like a Miata you can fit the whole family in.

My car runs well, looks stealth, has tasteful upgrades, is a non-smoker car, has been cared for with a huge stack of receipts, is the ultra reliable 2.2l motor, and driven by an adult. The interior is mostly done and looks sharp, just needs to match carpet and rear seat from a 2005 2.5RS to complete it. I have a lead on a matching black rear seat and black carpet at local wrecking yard.

Below is a list of what has been done to it. I have prices along with a lot of the upgrades and most of those do not include labor and tax. I have put a lot of time and money into making this a special car.


  • New OEM timing belt, water pump, thermostat, and pulleys with all OEM Japanese bearings- within the last 10,000 miles ($650)
  • OEM Power steering pump high pressure lines ($300)
  • OEM NGK Spark Plugs- within the last 1500 miles
  • OEM Spark plug wires- within the last 1500 miles
  • OEM Subaru oil in front, center, and rear differentials
  • OEM 2003 WRX rebuilt brake calipers within last 1500 miles
  • OEM O2 sensor within last 1500 miles
  • New Battery this week- ($180)
  • Oil every 4000 with Castrol GTX High Mileage with Subaru Blue filter (no leaks or burning) rotated with each oil change
  • Shell gas whenever possible and non-ethanol premium every 4th tank

  • Reliable 2.2l engine (no head gasket issues)
  • Manual Transmission
  • Roof Wing
  • Mid Wing
  • Rubber Cargo Tray
  • Cargo Cover

  • KYB Excel-G struts (non adjustable)($360)
  • H&R lowering springs ($250)
  • Kartboy end links front & rear ($200)
  • WRX 2003 rear sway bar ($50 used)
  • WRX 2003 front sway bar ($50 used)
  • New KYB front upper strut mounts at time of strut installation ($50)
  • Paranoid Fabrications Saggy butt spacers ($20) to get car leveled
  • Genuine Subaru reman front C.V. axles (within the last year) ($300)
  • New Whiteline front ROLL CENTER KIT (new within the last year)($200)
  • JDM aluminum front lower control arms-(installed within the last year)($200)
  • Whiteline anti lift kit (installed in the last year)($270- best handling mod)
  • Cusco front upper tower bar ($200)
  • Cusco rear lower subframe brace (in the last year) ($160)
  • Cusco diffuser brackets (in the last year)($50)
  • STI rear diffuser (installed in the last year) ($80)
  • WRX 4-wheel brake conversion upgrade- from 2003 WRX- Stock Larger Rotors, Hawk Pads ($600)
  • Goodridge braided stainless steel brake lines ($200)
  • Manzo rear adjustable lateral links with all new bolts/adjusters/hardware ($400)
  • Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S- ($600) about half the tread is left.

  • RS/Ver 6 front bumper with USDM bumper beam for safety- color matched ($400)
  • Working RS fog lights on factory switch ($100)
  • OSRAM Nightbreaker H4 Headlight bulbs ($30)
  • OSRAM Nightbreaker H3 Fog bulbs ($40)
  • JDM after market sport mirrors ($140)
  • JDM roof rails-POWDER COATED and installed ($300)
  • JDM ROOF strips POWDER COATED to match JDM rails ($150)
  • JDM Ver 6 grille ($200)
  • JDM Amber corners lights ($40)
  • 2.5RS/WRX 6 spoke 16” rims ($300 used)
  • All badges removed and outback sport logos removed- stealth mode
  • Yakima Rack in photos- NOT INCLUDED

  • RS black lower dash pieces- ($100)
  • RS Sedan leather door cards-no funky fabric- ($300) These are pretty rare
  • RS leather shift boot- No rubber cheap shifter boot ($20)
  • RS leather shift knob- ($20)
  • Black Forester Center Console- Higher and Nicer ($50)
  • Kartboy short throw shifter ($150)
  • Kartboy shifter bushings ($20)
  • Pioneer Speakers- ($150) Upgraded to larger ones in the rear
  • Pioneer head deck- Came with the car, I took it out for another one and tried to put back in, but it is not working correctly.
  • Upgraded LED dash & climate bulbs ($15)
  • 2005 2.5RS Black bucket seats- Same size and shape as 2002 & 2003 WRX seats, but in Black and no airbags. Closest in size to JDM WRX seats and super comfy with large bolstering. ($250)

  • Short ram intake with new K&N cone filter ($150)
  • K&N cone filter- spare that I alternate when cleaning the other ($50)
  • Modded 2.5" stainless cat pipe ($200)
  • Magnaflow high flow catalytic converter + O2 fooler ($100)
  • 2005 Subaru WRX STI Catback exhaust & muffler ($700)

  • Whiteline Urethane Steering rack bushings
  • Whiteline Urethane rear trailing arm bushings
  • Billet Aluminum Pitch Stop Mount

  • OEM side view mirrors
  • Lots of interior trim pieces
  • Some extra exterior pieces
  • Extra OEM floor mats

  • Aftermarket sunroof- doesn't currently open, does not leak
  • Headliner is saggy- after JDM Roof rail install
  • Has typical dents/dings/scratches for age/mileage
  • Clearcoat is failing on the mid-wing and on hood vents
  • Clicker is finicky- I stopped using it, but still have it.
  • Small quarter size rust showing in right rear wheel well. Just showed up this winter. I tried to keep the car clean, but it seems like it is hard to keep rust off these. Not ready for Suby savers. My body shop guy said it is repairable.
  • Even smaller spot on driver side.
  • Stereo needs hooked up properly
Car is awesome, Handles amazing, aligned perfect after recent round of suspension upgrades, brakes hard. I have tons invested into it. The prices listed above don’t include any of the labor either.

I have changed jobs and need a large truck or van for work. Unfortunately I cannot keep both. This car is what I feel Subaru should've built on the GF8 wagon platform-beside the engine. The 2.2l motor is awesome and dead reliable. I consistently get 25-30mpg. I was on the fence about adding a turbo motor or keeping it NA. I love the reliability of an NA engine and not worrying about turbo lag. If I would keep it NA, I had planned to add a header, Delta cams, 4.44 transmission and a tune. If I did a swap, I would look at a 2004 or 2005 2.5l STI motor or 2004 /2005 Forester XT motor swap. Lots of great choices on future mods as Imprezas are pretty interchangeable from 1993-2007. This is a great platform to build on. The motor runs so well, just drive it as is.

CLICK HERE FOR HIGH DEF PHOTOS: 2000 Impreza - Google Photos

I do not need help selling. I will not part out any of the parts. I will not respond to messages if it is still available. Vehicle is located in Black Mountain, NC. Come with cash and ready to make a deal. $5900 OBO

You must know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle. I will not negotiate price unless in person. Thanks for your interest. Please contact me with a phone number.


  • White Work Truck- ideally Ford F250/F350 1999-2003 extended or crew with 5.4 or 6.8 gas
  • White Work Van- ideally Ford E250/E350 1999-2003 with 5.4 or 6.8 gas
  • White Chevrolet and GMC- 2500/3500 work van 2000-2008 with 6.0 or 8.1
  • White Chevrolet and GMC 2500/3500 crew cab work truck 2000-2006 with 6.0 or 8.1
  • NO Dodge unless its a Cummins


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