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FS: Solid anodized aluminum mounts for T bar

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I have an extra set of these solid mounts I had designed. Made from aluminum and anodized gold. They completely replace the rubber bushings on the sides of the "T bar" that carries the rear diff and bolts to the chassis.

Press out the rubber bushings, easily press these in on top and bottom where the rubber bushings were. Solid connection for better performance.

$60 shipped.

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Another pic showing the bottom of the mounts:

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Do you still have these? Have you run these on a street car, and if so, how much impact do they have on NVH?
Yes, still have them. I didn't notice any change in NVH, just smoother on/off throttle and shifting.
Been a while since I've logged in here! Still have these siting around if anyone wants them.
Cleaning out some boxes in the shop and still have 4 sets of these I never used.

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