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All items are still available unless noted. PLEASE SEND ME A PM DIRECTLY AND NOT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION

This wheel has been in storage for about 5-6 years. It's in excellent used condition. There are a few areas where the leather has been scuffed at the top of the wheel but it's very minor. They're getting harder to find in such great shape. This would have been sourced from a WRX due to the lack of red stitching but it's virtually the same wheel as the STi. -- 250 Shipped

This was pulled out of storage and hasn't been used in a long time so it's been quite preserved. There are some faint scratches as pictured but overall very good condition for its age. -- 180 shipped

This was purchased from a RS25 member who made them about a decade ago. My build went differently so this was never mounted. It's brand new so the new owner would be the first to run it. -- 75 Shipped

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