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All items are still for sale unless noted below. PLEASE SEND ME A PM DIRECTLY INSTEAD OF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.

This is, for all intents and purposes, a new part. It's never been mounted or modified. The box has been opened and the plastic removed but there are no blemishes present. I've taken numerous pictures to show how great of condition it's in. -- 100 shipped

This turbo was sent to Grimmspeed after purchase to be ported and polished as well as ceramic coated before installation. That dream never materialized. It's been sitting in my basement in a climate-controlled environment. Please check out the photos as to the condition which speaks for itself. -- 950 shipped

This was purchased but never installed. I purchased it for my swapped GC for the EJ205 but it appears to fit the STi up to the 2019 model year. Do your homework before purchasing. -- 175 Shipped

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