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FS PA: AE86 Hachiroku BT 20V Super Clean $8K SOLD


Huge career change forces me to sell this car. Hasn't given me one single problem, ever.

Much work was done recently, and the car is fresh, clean, and RELIABLE.

1986 Toyota Corolla AE86
124,xxx original miles
Original Red paint in surprisingly good shape

-ae111 blktop 20v 4age
-all oem blktop sensors and ecu
-t3 red anodized velocity stacks
-aem fuel regulator
-16v hicomp oil pump (to eliminate the use of the hydraulic tensioner)
-custom made water lines (w/ 16v setup and working heater)
-new timing belt
-new 16v water pump
-obx 4-1 header
-custom test pipe
-full cat-back hi-power exhaust w/ silencer
-stock t-50 tranny with no grinds or howls.
-zenki lsd rear end

-front t3 short stroke coilovers w/ 8kg eibach springs / 5-way adjustable tokico illuminas
-rear trd 8kg rear springs uncut w/ short stroke 4-way adjustable tokico illumines
-battle version NRCA
-t3 camber plates
-front brembo / rear bradi slotted disc brakes w/ oem toyota brake pads
-full manual rack setup w/ power knuckles for extra angles
-Traction Brackets (welded)


-original paint with minor dings and minor dents on the rear hatch
-VIS jblood style front bumper w/ oem kouki corner lights and jdm bumper brakets
-VIS vertex style sideskirts
-VIS vertex style rear bumper
-15x8 SportMax 501's/Falken Azenis

-full black interior
-original uncracked dash
-original black rear privacy cover
-original black rear carpet

Looking for $8,000 negotiable


[video width=400 height=350][/video]

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