I've got a bunch of random parts I'm getting rid of, everything OBO. Anything that doesn't sell in the next month or so is likely going in the trash. Everything is best offer plus shipping, or pickup in Riverdale NJ 07457. Added shipped prices to anywhere in the US. This stuff is going in the trash May 31st.

$100 shipped Tial wastegate with o2 sensor - Honestly I don't know anything about this part, I think it was part of GD swap at some point, possibly 08+

$40 shipped TGVs with two injectors - No idea what this is from, I think it came from a 08 ej25 wrx engine but I dont remember

$35 shipped 98-01 RS hood scoop backing plate - Off of a 98RS

$15 shipped 98 RS EJ25D coilpack and wires, unknown mileage but they were removed from a working engine

$15 shipped ej25 oil dipstick

SOLD 93-01 OEM side marker lights

$10 shipped 93-01 OEM corner lights - (off a 98RS) the headlight screw tabs are broken on each light, one bulb assembly is missing

$10 shipped 98-01 illumination control units x2

$10 shipped 98-01 wiper stalk assembly

$6 shipped 93-01 hood release lever

$15 shipped 93-01 rear tail light trim x2

SOLD 93-01 S U B A R U plastic chrome letters (complete)

$8 shipped 98 RS manual case (warranty/maintenance booklet ONLY) (GREY)

$8 shipped 98 GF wagon owners manual, warranty/maintenance booklet and case (TAN)

$30 shipped 2000 RS factory subwoofer (may fit other RS years) - works

$20 shipped 2010-2012 OEM panasonic 6 disc cd changer - works, sorta rough condition, I read it's definitely legacy/forester possibly fits impreza

$200 shipped late 90s JDM GC8 ECU - My research tells me this is likely for V4 STi ej20k, comes with some sortf of ghetto-wired piggyback situation. The serial number is 22611 AE360, A18-000 D66, 7X08

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