Hi All, been a long time! Been a member since 04 and it's great to be back! I'm putting my latest coupe project on pause and going a new direction with it (EJ257, 6spd) when I can afford to again...

...but right now I'm short on funds, and don't have the space to keep these parts "just-in-case" I might need them later.

For the most part, these parts are clean without any major rust, corrosion, or defects, and could be cleaned up REALLY well. They would be great spares for a V5/6 STI "25 year rule" import, or they could create a really nice GC STI clone from a GC RS.

I'd like to sell related parts in groups as much as possible since they function well as a hard-to-find set, but I'd be willing to separate eventually.

Local pickup for now on the bigger and heavier items (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) because it's such a huge amount of heavy stuff. For those items that are shipped, buyer pays shipping.

Prices are negotiable. I'll definitely drop the prices to bundle multiple parts together: I want to move this stuff out.

Feel free to ask questions, and I'll do my best to answer all of them or take more pictures.

A ton of part photos are here, mostly in order of this listing:


I'm almost postive it's this specific engine and transmission from this listing purchased by the previous owner of my coupe project (I've checked the markings from the photos and they match up exactly):

V5 STI Engine -- EJ207, Heads stamped with LH C 007 and RH C 006, no AVCS -- $2200
comes with:
-IHI VF28 turbo and OEM turbo heat shields (no shaft play)
-V5/6 STI top mount intercooler (not mounted)
-V5/6 STI ECU (22611AF041)
-Alternator (not mounted)
-Original plug wires, not corroded (not mounted)
-Stock exhaust manifold
-Stock up-pipe (not mounted)
-Stock catted downpipe (not mounted)
-Front GC turbo crossmember (with RHD steering rack if needed) and STI front sway and endlinks
-Full V5/6 STI wiring harness
-Rolling engine stand if you want it

STI V5/6 Type R/RA Transmission with DCCD, TY754VB1CA, 5 speed, short ratio 4.44 -- $2200
comes with:
-Starter motor and spare gear
-New clutch slave cylinder (30620AA013) and identical old one
-Original flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch disc
-Brand new OEM pressure plate (30210AA381) and OEM clutch disc (30100AA900)
-Clutch fork and new clutch release bearing shaft (30532AA020)
-OEM throwout bearing (new in bag)
-OEM DCCD control unit (32520AA010)
-Spare shifter linkage (From 2.5RS)
-Matching diff for above transmission, R180, LSD (Mechanical), 4.44
-All 4 V5/6 GC-spec R180 axles
-V5/6 STI GC Driveshaft

Powdercoated front and rear knuckles from 04 STI (should work with GC R180 axles to maintain GC suspension geometry, PLUS have the option to use ABS, which isn't available in Type R/RA imprezas) -- $700
comes with:
-New in bag/box OEM wheel bearings for 04 STI knuckles (2 of 28016PA0108A, 2 of 28016AA011NT)
-New in bag OEM wheel bearing seals (4 of 28015AA080, 4 of 28015AA0708A)
-4 Snap rings for hubs
-5x100 hubs for use with 04 STI knuckles
-front and rear brake backing plates (fronts painted, rears powdercoated)
-rear ABS sensors for 04 STI
-parking brake components

-GC STI transmission crossmember [SALE PENDING]
-Rear GC STI subframe with all 4 rear lateral links and STI rear sway and endlinks [SALE PENDING]

Other parts
-V3/V4 (I believe), All 4 brake rotors, rusty -- FREE with pickup
-Brand new OEM GC rear aero spats, J1017FA015 -- SOLD
-Brand new GC Rear underspoiler, X5771FA000 -- SOLD
-Dark brown center console cluster enclosure (will fit GC) -- $30
-Dark brown center console HVAC vents (will fit GC) -- $20
-2.5RS front seats (average condition, wear through on drivers side bolster) -- $100
-2.5RS stock gauge cluster (169k miles) -- $75
-Aftermarket GC coupe/sedan tail lights (chrome backing, could be modded/painted to look different) -- $50
-2.5RS stock corner lamps -- $50
-2.5RS stock rear bumper beam (rusty) -- FREE with pickup
-Miscellaneous hoses and hardware I'll give away for free to buyers of the bigger items if they want them