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2000 2.5RS Coupe
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FS: KY: Garage Sale - Various Interior, Exterior, Rare, Common, JDM, USDM Parts

Hi All – I’m just undergoing a deep-purge of my garage along with many of the Subaru parts found in it. If any of the following meets your interest, please feel free to contact me. Images and links to images can be found below. I can also provide additional photos where necessary.

Likewise, if you’re willing to meet me for any of the following items (particularly the larger ones), I can of course accommodate the difference in shipping.

As noted above, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask – cheers!

*12/13 Update: Consolidating all currently sold items to bottom of post. :)


OEM ’98-’01 Impreza black leather shift boot - $7 shipped

Center Console Extended Armrest Clip/Latch (3D-Printed) - $20 shipped

Defroster Switch - $9 shipped
USDM Hazard Switch - $9 shipped

STi weighted 6-speed aluminum/leather crowned shift knob - $30 shipped

Red-stitched 2.5 RS shift knob (super mint) - $50 shipped

OEM Impreza/Forester heated seat switches (sold in pairs from least worn [top]; second least worn [middle]; most worn [bottom] – will sell in order of request: “first come, first served”) – $9 shipped


OEM Impreza mud flaps/splash guards (2 rears and 1 front driver-side, all Plasti-Dipped black) - $20 shipped (together) / $10 shipped (each) Subaru Parts/20181118_135153.jpg


*Please note that there are no set prices for any of the following – feel to inquire if interested. I’ll be disposing most of these by year’s end if no one claims any of the following items.

Various plugs w/ wires

Interior pieces, clips, and mounts

Various leftover parts


’06-’07 WRX Limited leather seats - SOLD Subaru Parts/20180904_212400_1.jpg Subaru Parts/20180904_212836.jpg

Subaru Impreza/Forester all weather rear trunk mat - fits in coupe/sedan trunks (Part# J5010FS332) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_114516.jpg Subaru Parts/20181118_114503.jpg

GC8 Rear spats/rear spoiler (silver, Plasti-Dipped black) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181117_200007.jpg

GC8 STi red-stitched Nardi steering wheel (super mint) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_133813_1.jpg

’04 STi red stitched e-brake handle - SOLD

’02-’07 Subaru all weather floor mats - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_114803.jpg

'02-’07 WRX metal pedal kit (brand new w/ protective blue film) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_131703_2.jpg

JDM Hazard Switch - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_135504.jpg

GlowShift A-pillar dual gauge pod (brand new) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_131841.jpg Subaru Parts/20181118_131858.jpg

Zealous Interiors red-stitched leather shift boot with shifter trim (lower trim will have to be tacked depending on how loose or tight you wish the shift boot to be, but it’s also included) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_132608_1.jpg

Zealous Interiors red-stitched leather e-brake handle boot - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_132441.jpg

JDM Impreza power folding mirrors and switch - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_123412.jpg

JDM Impreza tail lights (excellent condition) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_123732_1.jpg

WRB Type-R lower tail light trim w/screws - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_131509.jpg

GC8 meshed fog light covers (brand new) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_133146.jpg

GC8 fog light covers (brand new) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_133324.jpg

USDM Impreza power mirrorS - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_134312.jpg

Flat-black-painted ZeroSports front strut tower bar and locking nuts - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_182943_1.jpg

OEM Subaru Impreza keyless entry system - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_221038.jpg

Radiator caps - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_140112_2.jpg

OEM Oil Cooler Gasket (brand new) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_134441_1.jpg

Various bolt, screws, and nuts - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_150956.jpg

OEM Impreza clear/amber corner lights (like new) - SOLD Subaru Parts/20181118_134547.jpg Subaru Parts/20181118_134559.jpg

Thanks for your interest!

2000 2.5RS Coupe
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Interested in the fog covers. Plastic or fiberglass? Thanks!
The solid fog light covers are a rigid ABS.

The mesh fog light covers are a hard plastic, with metal mesh inserts.

Both include hardware.

Thanks for inquiring!
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