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Hey guys,

I've finished parting out my Widebody project. This car is a 98 L with the HT Autos widebody kit already in progress.

Basically, what you see is what you get. There are a few things I'd like to note..

-The key is stuck in the ignition. This happened somehow when the car was at ECS getting wired.
-The front upper support is slightly bent. This happened when I pulled the motor out of the car. You can bend this back. Right now, this prevents the hood from fully closing.
-I have the scoops/vents for the hood.
-We began to shave the door bump guards. One side is done, the other needs to be welded.
-Title is in my hand, however it isn't in my name yet. I'm not sure how the state of MA will handle a second hand transfer, however if I find a buyer I can simply title it then sign it and send it to them.

This must be gone by October. I'm storing it at my parents house and they're not happy with it. I'm very motivated to sell!!

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