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Hello Everyone, I know this really isn't the place to sell an SUV but I NEED AN IMPREZA!!

I have a 1999 Pathfinder that I want to sell... Its in beautiful shape inside and out! My father owned it all of its life, and I took it over for the past 5 months because my car was rear ended... However, Im looking to get a 5 speed car of some sort.

Its a 4x4 with 87000 miles.
All tuneup work has been done since I have owned it.
Everything is mechanically perfect and it has NEVER given us any problems.
There is a bit of rust on the chrome pieces in the rear and a bit on the drivers side rear quarter panel.
I just put on a brand new chrome bumper and corner pieces.

I just installed a full stereo equipted with:
2 sets of 6.5" Kove audio component sets ran by an eclipse XA4000 4 channel amp.
1 pair of 12" ultra linear subwoofers in my very own custom made box (looks beautiful) ran by a Kove audio 2400AD mono block amp
Eclipse CD5000 Head unit which has a seperate built in EQ and every other feature you could ever need to tune a stereo.
Kove Audio Equalizer to make all the fine tuning easy as can be.
Seperate duralast gold top battery to make sure the amps are getting full power (lights never dim).
All 4 guage power and ground wire was ran from the origional battery in the front with three sets of RCA's coming from the Head Unit.
It sounds very crisp and clear. It can be very loud if you want it to be

Well over $2500 of audio components alone.

Other than that, the Pathfinder is completly stock.

I'm looking to get $7500 obo. Trades welcomed.
Let me know what you think.

Please contact me via email: [email protected]
Or call me and leave a message at: 814-460-6135 anytime.


ps If you would like more pictures, send me your email address.
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