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I think the time has come to try and sell my impreza. This car by far has been the best impreza I have owned (this would be my 10th) it was built very well by only the best mechanics in Colorado. I leave to the navy in a month and I wont take the car out of state, I don’t want to see it sit for 5+ years but if I don’t get what I’m looking for then so be it I will let it sit. The time and labor put in this car is countless. I will not sell to any young punk kid who will wrap it around a tree in less then a week. I have had many boosted cars but this car still scares the crap out of me. Many people on the board car back up everything that I’m saying and know all the people who have built this car. The car will not pass emissions I have a place up in clear creek so that’s how I’ve been passing. The car went to the drag strip a month ago and on the first run ran a 12 I only got one run before it started to rain. The car is one click away from running E-85 I just have not moved the master number up yet (easy to do if you want it done) I have tons of extra parts that will come with the car also. Their is so much done to this car and a lot of rare parts that I’m just going to list the basic stuff and anyone who wants to know more or wants more pictures feel free to pm me. NO TRADES-----STARTING PRICE $0.00

96 impreza L
76,xxx miles on the body and a few stock parts
2.2 turbo block less then 10,000 miles
built auto tranny with tranny cooler( same tranny that ESX was using) less then 10,000 miles
Link+ Ecu
T3/T4 on 22psi
front mount I/C with 3'' piping
full 3'' exhaust
Tine coilovers with electric control inside car
H brace
wrx front brakes
turbo leg in the rear
full fs frontend
wrx front seats
rs rear seats
sparco wheel

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