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2005 WRB STi
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First of all, this Brat has been my baby for a long time. I have countless hours and dollars put in getting her back up to par. The worst rust is in the bed corners, there is about 10 little holes about the size of peas, bed is solid. Mileage on her is about 245k. I get 30mpg on highway, and drive it daily. Dash is cracked but I have one already pulled in great shape. Here is the list of everything that I have done to it:

-New 185/70R13 Tires
-New wheel clips for center caps
-Replaced Starter
-New Alternator
-New upper and lower radiator hoses
-New OEM Subaru thermostat and gasket
-Replaced windshield wiper motor
-Replaced both t-top wind deflectors
-New windshield wipers
-Fixed major electrical issues under dash from ignorant previous owner
-Replaced gauge cluster with one from 83 Brat with 65k
-All new bulbs in gauge cluster and climate control
-Replaced shifter knob with an original
-New OEM Subaru clutch cable
-New OEM Subaru oil drain plug and crush ring
-New clutch pedal return spring
-Installed original “fun roof” sticker
-Replaced window crank mechanisms and handles
-Replaced door panels
-Camper top to preserve bed
-Weber carburetor
-New alternator/water pump belt
-New driver side CV axle
-New passenger side wheel bearings.
-New passenger side rear wheel bearings
-New brakes front and rear
-New passenger side ball joint
-Re-wired front speakers from previous ignorant owner cutting them.
-New rear u-joint
-New heater core hoses
-New throttle return spring
-Original Subaru factory tool kit
-Replaced rear view mirror
-Replaced drivers side mirror
-Replaced glove box mirror
-Replaced fuel door with rust free one
-Replaced fuel cap with OEM
-New spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotary button.
-Replaced T-Tops
-Replaced Fuel Pedal
-Replaced Both Seats
-Replaced Entire Center Console
-New “Dual Range” Emblem for console
-New Subaru OEM Intake Manifold Gaskets
-Replaced driver’s side body molding
-Replaced dome light assembly
-Replaced two jump seat handles
-Replaced EGR
-Replaced steering wheel pad
-Replaced windshield washer fluid tank
-Replaced grill with “Honey-comb” style off 84 GL-10 coupe
-New valve cover gaskets and adjusted 3/10/08
-Battery hold down clamp installed
-Chrome fuel door
-New OEM Thermostat and gasket 3/22/08
-Cooling system and heater core flushed and new coolant 3/22/08
-New GMB water pump 4/7/08
-New MWE axle 5/23/08 Front Left
-New (2) Timken 6207 wheel bearings and seals 5/23/08 Front Left

Asking around $3800 for it.
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